Perfectly Detailed

So many weddings that had been planned for the summer of 2020 were different. The wedding of Rebecca and Scott was no exception. It was not what they had planned, but in many ways, it turned out better. They have love. And they have the deep love of family and friends. Really, what else does there ever need to be?

I will start their story with the start of their day. Details. Perfect details.

The dress was dreamy with white lace on top of champagne.

The shoes were solid just like both Rebecca and Scott are. Also with a glittery and clear fun side.

In certain light, they look like they have fire inside.

Shoes. So many fun shoes.

Beautiful flowers wrapped in the handkerchief once held by a grandmother. Something special. Something blue.

Rebecca and Scott started the day getting ready in the quiet of the morning.

Loved ones looked on and helped out.

Anyone watching throughout the morning would have known how important this one moment was to this very proud father as he looked at his little girl all grown up and ready to fly into the arms of her future.

Huge amounts of love to the family and to the Lawton Heritage Community Center for bending the day in incredible ways to somehow fit perfectly within the safety parameters of a global pandemic and still manage to create the most amazingly perfect wedding.

More images of this fantastic day are on the way soon.

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