Last-Minute Work

    I have been very busy this fall with families photos and engagement shoots. It seems everyone is taking advantage of the wonderful fall weather we’ve been lucky to have this year. I love these intimate photo sessions and getting to know the many new (and some repeat) people who come into my life for a short time. I really love shooting in the fall.

    It’s also apparent I’m not the only one taking advantage of warmer-than-average temperatures. Everywhere I look I’m seeing the tell-tale signs of nature preparing for winter. Squirrels have begun digging holes in every pot of dirt and flower bed I own, hiding their winter harvest. Geese are flying in their “V” formations for warmer climates in large flocks.

    While sitting on my front steps watching the clouds roll by, I noticed some last-minute work being done by a handful of workers. This guy was very busy:
    November 2009 0012 edited

    Gathering pollen to keep his hive going in the spring.
    November 2009 0015 edited

    I watched him for a while. He flitted around from mum to mum and did what bees do. He even had an itch to scratch–he used his middle leg to get the spot.
    November 2009 0024 edited

    Then, he noticed me and got his stinger in position to defend himself in case I got too close.
    November 2009 0018 edited

    So, I moved on to another bee who paid my mums a visit. “Hello, little fella.”
    November 2009 0042 edited

    Thanks for making my flowers so beautiful and my fruit so delicious. Have a wonderful winter.