A Sunny Day to Celebrate

In the middle of a rainy, colder-than-average spring, we managed to have a perfect day for the wedding of Holly and Ryan.

The day started out at the Grace Christian Reformed Church where Holly’s beautiful gown was waiting for her.

The rings were polished and the flowers were fresh.

I noticed the inscription inside Ryan’s ring and couldn’t help placing it between their names–so faith was with them before their journey down the aisle.

Before the ceremony started, we headed out to a nearby park for some pictures. Holly’s gown was beautiful on the hanger, but she brought it to life and made it spectacular.

Ryan was relaxed and ready for the day.

The guys were all easy-going and gave the day a fun flair.

Holly and Ryan had an outstanding group of siblings and friends to support them during the day.

Holly and Ryan were amazing together and they had the most perfect day.

Everyone was so much fun!

I saw Ryan talking to his sweet little ring-bearer and dad/grandpa watching them in the distance.

We headed back to the church.

When the ceremony ended, we headed off to the Eesley Place for the reception.

The Eesley Place is an historic mill that has been converted into an amazing banquet hall. Outside, there are plenty of places for photos and inside is stunning as well.

I’m a sucker for old trucks, buildings, etc. So, I’m a big fan of the fact that they have this cool vehicle parked out back.

We arrived just in time to play for a few minutes in the fading sunlight.

The guests from all over the country (and other countries) were waiting inside for the fun to begin.

Congratulations Holly and Ryan. Please view the rest of the online album here. It has been so much fun working with you and your amazing families!

A Day Filled with Celebration

A day of adventure awaited one happy couple last week.

The lovely Amanda got ready

to marry the handsome Josh.

She had beautiful flowers

and a long white gown.

Friends and family gathered at the St. Joseph Catholic Church in Battle Creek.

Amanda was all smiles before the ceremony


Three little sweethearts almost stole the show.

Their vows were spoken. Rings and a kiss were exchanged.

Then, it was off to a party before the big reception. There was an entire crew of people to celebrate:

The skies started clouding up and looking ominously like rain. So, we snuck off into the woods for a few outside photos.

Everything was green and lush in the early spring air.

When the rain began falling, we headed off to the Battle Creek County Club to wrap up the evening at the reception.

It was there that Amanda and Josh danced for the first time… as husband and wife.

Congratulations Josh and Amanda! Please view the rest of the online album here. May you have a full and beautiful life together.

What’s in My Yard

We have never seen our new yard in the springtime. So, I am constantly surprised by the hundreds of blooming flowers that are popping up all over the place. I love flowers, plants, and basically all things living and growing. So, the fact that there is so much beauty all over the place out here is extremely exciting to me.

Here are some of the things I have found in our new yard over the past week:

Chick Update

So, chicks (as in baby chickens) grow up really, really fast.

I received them in the mail when they were only a day old. They were cute little peeping fuzz-balls.

One week later, they looked like this:

They had gotten much bigger. They are only 11 days old now and already have wing and tail feathers and I swear they are trying to fly out of their container.

We did loose one chick right away. I was told she was probably a very weak chick and that the stress of moving was too much for her. There was little I could do. The other five seem to be doing quite well.

Surrounded by Sweetness

Yesterday, I was surrounded by people who were truly pure of heart and intrigued by the world. It was the most precious few hours I’ve spent in a while. I learned so much that I had long ago forgotten. Like how simple things are so interesting and how big the world is.

I chaperoned my son’s preschool class on a field trip to the zoo. I didn’t learn about zoo animals while I was there. I learned about the things that fed my son’s heart as he talked on the car ride to his little buddy about his world. I learned that planting a green bean seed was foremost on his mind and that his ice fishing trip last winter was something he still thinks about. From listening to the conversation of these wonderful little people, my life is suddenly bigger.

I didn’t take any pictures at all of the animals at the zoo. I ended up with a file of pictures of these perfect souls with little fingers and Charlie Brown legs peaking out of oversized shorts. When I look at them I can’t help but wonder what paths their lives will take them traveling on.

I thought I was going to assist them, but I ended up getting the biggest rewards.

Spring Ant

I was outside the other day photographing the many spring flowers that are popping up because I’m so excited about all of the delicious plant choices the previous owners have made around our new property.

The landscape does need many additions to become what I envision it will someday be, but the previous owners did right with their tree and shrub choices. It seems everything here flowers. I will most likely be posting some of the flowering jewels at a later time.

Meanwhile, when I was out documenting the many plants we have popping up, I saw this little guy hanging about cleaning his antennae. I didn’t think he’d mind if I posted his picture tonight before heading off to bed.