Sunshine, Sand and Seagulls

I took my boys to the beach for some much-needed play time. The day was perfect. There were wonderful waves and the air was perfectly warm and sunny. Lake Michigan has finally warmed up and was very refreshing for splashing around in.

July 2010 1452_edited-2

My boys love going to the beach. We usually build and they destroy sand castles. Because there were so many rolling waves, we had fun jumping over them as they rolled into shore. We also floated in on a couple of them.

As we took out some snacks, I noticed some feathery onlookers hoping for some scraps. Of course, my boys were more than happy to oblige and these seagulls were photographed as they circled just above arm’s reach in the sunshine.

July 2010 1480_edited-2

July 2010 1489_edited-2

July 2010 1490_edited-2

July 2010 1459_edited-2

I wish I could have a million days like that day. But, I guess times like that wouldn’t feel so special if they were more frequent. So, I will hold this day in my mind and my pictures to pull out later on when winter has set in and warmer days are a thing of the past or something to look forward to.

A Wedding at The Bridge

I recently had the pleasure of photographing my first wedding at The Bridge in Portage. Not only was it my first opportunity to photograph at The Bridge, according to the wedding planner there, it was the first ever wedding to be held at that church. I felt very honored to be the first ever wedding photographer to capture the place and it’s ambiance.

Cassandra and Josh 0469 for web

The first ever wedding to be held at The Bridge was the exchanging of vows between the amazingly beautiful Cassandra and her handsome Josh.

Cassandra and Josh 0209 for web

I should point out that I was in love with Cassandra’s choice to wear smoking hot red shoes! It added a surprising splash of unexpected color.

Cassandra and Josh 0011 for web

That Cassandra and Josh got married was in fact special. They have been living through the trials and tribulations of a very long distance relationship. They had frequently driven 900 miles on weekends just to be together and I heard there were plenty of lengthy middle-of-the-night phone conversations. They were inseparable throughout my time with them. I have a feeling their marriage will be very close after having been so physically far apart for so long.

Cassandra and Josh 0212 colorized for web

Their friends and family were very supportive and wonderful people. Sometimes at weddings, I feel like I’m part of the group. This was definitely one of those occasions.

Cassandra and Josh 0236 for web

The reception was at The Vineyards in Paw Paw. I really enjoy the receptions there since the space is light and needs very little work with lighting for pictures.

Cassandra and Josh 0683 for web

Cassandra’s color was red and it felt to me she had a theme that was quite simply Love. She had the whole place decorated in hearts. Before taking a picture of her flowers with the rings, I asked Cassandra which of the flowers were her favorite. Josh and Cassandra both said at the exact same time, “The red rose.” Together. Exactly in sync.

Cassandra and Josh 0624 for web

I am wishing you both lots of time together and all the happiness in the world!

Cassandra and Josh 0321 for web

A Little Park with a Lot of Sunshine

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to photograph the wedding of Amy and Jared. They were married in Vicksburg at the United Methodist Church in the afternoon.

Amy and Jared 0347 for web

I grew up very near Vicksburg and have many fond memories of the wonderful town. It’s always a warm and friendly place.

When I think of Amy and Jared’s wedding,

Amy and Jared 0227 for web

I think of warmth and friendliness. The day was very warm. So warm, the florist was concerned the flowers would wilt before the pictures were even over. They were beautiful, so I don’t blame her for wanting to keep them pristine.

Amy and Jared 0747_edited-2

Both Amy and Jared were surrounded by people who obviously love and care for them. Parents and friends alike were there to cheer, cry, help, and participate in this wonderful day.

Amy and Jared 0146 for web

We spent some time at the little park in downtown Vicksburg. It was hot and the sunny skies were plentiful. The little stream in the park looked very cooling. It was tempting to jump in.

Amy and Jared 0266 for web

There is also a playground on one end. We were lucky enough to find the swingsets free, so Amy kicked off her shoes and gave Jared a smooch in the park.

Amy and Jared 0250 for web

And a few more smooches…

Amy and Jared 0192 colorized for web

We did get lucky enough to score a little bit of shade here and there.

Amy and Jared 0200 for web

After the ceremony, we headed over to The Fountains in Parchment for the reception and stopped off at Kindleberger Park since rain was coming and the harsh sun was behind clouds.

We had some time after the wedding and before the reception, so we decided to incorporate some “fun” shots into the day. Well, this couple and their wedding party had me laughing almost to the point of tears. I usually get one good shot of the party jumping, but this group really gave me some awesome jumps!

Amy and Jared 0634 for web

Amy and Jared 0635 for web

Amy and Jared 0639_edited-2

Thanks for a being a wonderful bride and groom and a gorgeous couple. I hope you have a wonderful life together and share many beautiful memories with your families and friends.