Kristin and Sean

I have talked with Kristin and Sean off and on during their engagement, mostly with Kristin. Several months ago, she badly injured her foot. Fortunately, there was plenty of time to recover. So, when I headed off to the W.K. Kellogg Manor House on their wedding day, her footwear for the day was a bit unexpected…

It was injured again! Fortunately, her dress was beautiful and long and easily concealed the injury. Plus, she had plenty of experience in wearing the cast.

She looked amazing and her flowers were spectacular!

We headed out for some pre-ceremony pictures.

They decided to have a “First Look”. That means, they were okay with seeing each other prior to the ceremony which gave us an opportunity for some intimate photos of just the two of them before everything kicked into high gear. This is Sean with a look of pure happiness the minute he saw his beautiful bride (and I am so beyond fortunate to be part of these beautiful amazing moments).

The guys were ready for their pictures on time and very organized.

Kristin requested this one (I hope it is what you were thinking):

The ladies looked amazing…

When I was positioning Kristin near the reflecting pool, I caught one of the junior brides watching on.

When everyone headed in while guests arrived, I had a few minutes to capture the rings. On flowers:

On a sundial:

The ceremony was beautiful in the pagoda garden.

After, we had time for some pictures while rain clouds moved in and guests headed in for mingling.

Thank you Kristin and Sean for an amazing day and for being such a wonderful couple to work with. Your families and friends love you, it is obvious as I look through your pictures. Please find your online album here. The rest of the pictures will be printed and ready soon.

Melissa and Charles

Prior to the wedding day of Melissa and Charles, I had been working solely with Charles’ mother. She is a wonderful lady with a huge heart and a houseful of children that radiate the feeling of being loved. So, I was excited to meet the lovely Melissa whom she spoke so highly of as well as her son Charles whom she adores.

Not long after I got to the church, the dress and a glorious bouquet of flowers were awaiting their bride.

They were followed moments later by a very happy bride.

Then, a groom in white.

There was rain during the ceremony – for luck, so they say.

It must have worked because all of the planning and details came together for a picture perfect ceremony.

The rings were exchanged and Melissa and Charles said “I do” with a kiss.

We headed out and made a quick stop in the rain.

Then off to Niko’s Landing we went for the fun… Just in time for the weather to clear up.

So, we took pictures of Melissa and Charles…

…and pictures of the flowers.

They were happy for sure!

Very much in love.

Thank you for the fun times and for working with me. Your friends and family were fun and wonderful to work with. Please find the rest of your online album here while your huge shipment of pictures is uploaded, printed and organized for you. Thanks for everything!

Forever Friends

The very first conversation I ever remember having was with my mom. I was three. I was sitting on the ground with a plastic sand pail gathering pine cones from our larger-than-life pine tree in the back yard. I remember the conversation probably because I remember the way my mom spoke to me was very serious and she was a little nervous. It made me really focus on her. What she asked me was if I would like to have a friend forever. She told me I would have a baby boy or girl to grow up with and be part of my life. I said, “Yes!” It sounded like the best thing ever…

Well…. It did turn out to be one of the best things ever in my life. Some months after that conversation, I got a brother. A friend for life. And because of that, I will soon be getting a sister. Another friend for life.

These two have been through plenty of ups and downs together. No matter what has happened, they have grown stronger. They fit each other.

She embraces his outdoorsman lifestyle and has learned to master his favorite activities alongside him. Fishing is one such sport they frequently enjoy together. He has grown to embrace her love of animals and will soon be surrounded by them and the love she has for them.

They laugh together. With each other. And sometimes at each other in a loving way.

From my perspective, I could not be happier to have Carey in my life. She will be alongside me when I must face life’s hardships. And she will be with me through the celebrations.

I will be alongside her as she journeys through life – beginning with the moments she fell in love.

I get to watch her marry her prince at the same time I see my little brother reach out for a future of love.

I cannot think of a better woman to have by my side through life than Carey. She has strength and beauty along with a kind heart. She is a match to my brother, Todd, who is also strong in spirit and soulful.

Sister. Brother. Forever friends.

I love you both so much and I am so happy that you are in love with each other!

Congratulations on your engagement. (and thank you for my gift – a sister!)

Please find the rest of your engagement session here.

Haley and Andy

There were so many pictures from Haley and Andy’s wedding that I must up-front offer an apology for taking a few days longer than I had promised. You see, it was perfectly sunny and beautiful and the family and friends provided so many opportunities for pictures that a large amount of them ended up on my favorites list. Thank you for your patience.

Haley and Andy were married on a hot day.

The challenges would be many. First, keeping Haley comfortable.

That was easy. She was nothing but happy.

Second, I wanted to keep Andy as cool as he looked. Also easy. I kept him in the shade near the New Life Assembly Church as much as possible.

Finally, I wanted to make sure the flowers did not wilt from the heat.

They did just fine. Even hours later, they looked amazing.

They held up the rings perfectly.

These flowers did not do as well, but they met their fate in the hands of the adorable flower girl. It had little to do with the heat. I think she was expressing an artistic flair in her floral design rearrangement.

The bridal bouquet was wrapped in a white ribbon that was made from her mother’s very own wedding gown.

The rings were kept safe on the fingers of trusted people until asked for in the ceremony.

Haley and Andy had decided to not see each other before the wedding. So, thanks to the creative ideas of the bridesmaids, we had a little fun with pictures of them NOT seeing each other…

After the ceremony, we headed off to Bella Vista for the reception. We got there just in time for the absolutely most amazingly perfect setting sunlight (the type of sun that wedding photographers dream about–seriously).

We had just enough time left for the two of them to walk around in the lovely end of summer evening coolness.

I love evenings where I can get people high enough and the sun low enough for this:

Of course, the reception would not have been the same without Grandpa playing some music. He brought the house down with his instrument of choice — a harmonica which he started playing at age five.

And as the sun bid a good night to us, the horizon filled with color.

Thank you Haley and Andy for your awesomeness. And I really need to shout out to your families for being so welcoming and wonderful. I am glad to have been a part of your very special day. Please find your online album here. (Many more to be printed for you).

Kim and Tyler

Kim arrived at the North Park Church on time and ready to get the day going. Her dress was waiting to wrap around her.

Flowers were delivered.

Rings were waiting.

Kim looked stunning.

The ladies were very beautiful as they gathered for pictures.

Tyler was calmly waiting to see his bride.

The gentlemen had some serious style.

Kim and Tyler had decided early on that they wanted to have a First Look. This was an intimate moment between just the two of them (and me–but I snuck away for a minute after I captured their expressions).

They were so happy to see each other.

They shared a few quiet moments before things got started.

The time grew near as family and friends gathered.

Their vows were shared.

Rings and kisses were exchanged.

We headed off to the Eesley Place to join the guests. But, first a few more pictures before heading in.

I love old trucks…

They made this particular truck look amazing.

The sun was setting…

…as the fun began.

Thank you Kim and Tyler for allowing me to capture your day. It was so much fun working with both of you and with your families. Please find the rest of your online album here.