Together Again

On a beautiful autumn day, a wedding took place in a house in the woods.

It was the day Hal and Mary Alice got married. Again.

It all started when they were in school. They fell in love. They got married and had children. After some time, they went their separate ways. But to the delight of many, they realized they belonged together after all.

Images of the past are very much a part of their present.

Now, they are together again.

Their ceremony was lovely. It was held in a the home built by their son and daughter-in-law.

Their daughter was their maid of honor and their son, the best man. They were surrounded by family.

Grandchildren were happy to participate in the festivities.

After the ceremony, the happy newlyweds headed over to La Cantina for a very elegant private reception. I learned that was the place of their first date during their second courtship.

Congratulations Hal and Mary Alice. I hope you enjoy the thrill of being together all over again.

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The Best Thing About Pumpkins

The costumes are ready. The spooky decorations are out.
The kids have decorated their pumpkins–two each.

They look sort of silly smiling away in the dark.

After all of the carving is done and the seeds are sorted, the best part about carving pumpkins aside from the orange smiley faces has got to be the fresh-out-of-the-oven toasted pumpkin seeds.

The Colors of Fall

I love fall.

I love the feeling of warm sweaters and cool air. My favorite colors are oranges and greens and they are everywhere in the autumn sun.

I think one of the reasons I really enjoy fall is because it’s beauty is so short-lived.

It is nature’s spectacular color show and it only lasts a week or so.

There is no time to grow bored with the splendor of fall.

It is so fleeting.

Every second of it is like an embrace from someone someone special you don’t see often enough.

Even as I sit here typing, I can hear the wind blowing the last of the leaves away to prepare the trees for winter’s chill.

The Sun Always Smiles over my Garden

The sun always smiles over my garden. It’s true. Even when it rains, the sun is there watching over my flowers.

As I walk the short path between my house and my garage and back again each day, I pass right by the sun’s golden rays. It’s uplifting. In my garden, I can always find the promise of sunny days no matter how gloomy the world may feel.

The Last of the Barefoot Days

We’ve had some beautiful weather these past several days. I mean gorgeous. The kind of weather that pulls you outside and makes you want to never go back in. That is especially true considering it is probably one of the last remaining stretches of spectacular out-of-doors weather we’ll have for 2010.

The shoes were off.

The feet were oh-so-dirty. And it was wonderful.

The Wedding of Emily and Kody

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the very beautiful, traditional wedding ceremony of Emily and Kody at St. Phillips in Battle Creek.

The day started at the home of the beautiful bride’s family then continued on to the Seton Center next to the church. This is where the ladies dressed for the big event.

Emily’s dress was gorgeous.

She looked absolutely stunning in the gown.

Her bridesmaids were beautiful in their purple-hued gowns.

Kody was quite handsome, calm and collected before the ceremony.

The guys were a great group to work with. They kept the day fun.

It was a perfect ceremony with a joyous mood.

After the ceremony, we had some time for pictures of the newly pronounced Mr. and Mrs…

…and the entire bridal party.

Emily’s flowers were lovely.

The rings:

After the ceremony, Emily and Kody traveled over to the Battle Creek Country Club for more pictures and to celebrate with friends and family.

Emily and Kody, I wish you a wonderful life together!

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A Season to Remember

Two months ago, I took a small vacation with my family.

It was a get-away, really. Not more than a few days.

This was one of three camping trips we squeezed in over the summer.

Looking around now at the cooling evenings and the glorious autumn colors, it’s difficult to believe it was just a short time ago we were standing on the lake’s shore skipping stones into the sunset.

It reminds me that it will only be a couple of months from now that we are going to be building snow tunnels in the yard.

There is a season for everything and so much fun to be had in any season.

Looking back over our family pictures throughout the year as we’ve experienced it so far, I realize we’ve had a very full and rich year. We’ve had some healing times and some playful times. Most of all in thinking back, I realize how much love I have in my life.

I am thankful to live in where I do. Here, we experience the seasons to their fullest. We have snow. We have sun. We have the most glorious autumns. And our springs are blissfully vibrant and alive.

So, tonight, I am taking a brief look back at the summer now past. But tomorrow when I wake I am sure I will be anxious to focus on creating the special moments of my fall. Summer has faded away like one of the sunsets of yesterday.

Sun Flowers

The weather here has been amazing over the past few days.

The forecast for the weekend is promising sun and the most perfect temperatures.

Everywhere I look, I see reds, yellows, oranges, and browns on the trees and in the landscape around me.

I have been fortunate enough to find some flowers still modeling their glory for the sun.

Most of the sunflowers around here are bent over past their ripeness and ready to have their seeds plucked. But there are a few left who have not yet been bitten by the first of the autumn frosts.

There are a few left showing off their golden splendor.

I can’t wait to get outside this weekend and enjoy the air.

Under Siege

My house seems to be under siege.

Don’t ask me how I know.

It’s just a hunch.

I think it’s been taken over by pirates.

There have been warning signs.

Some have been a bit more obvious than others.

There is mutiny in my house.

An unsettling sense of foreboding is very much present.

I came home the other day to find this on the entryway door.

Putting Out Fires

There were a few fires to put out today. Luckily, no one got hurt.

It all started out a fairly average day.

People were surfing the internet.

Some people were resting.

Others were headed off into town to experience unforeseen adventures. Oh, if only they knew what fate had planned for them.

The day seemed so perfect when it started.

It wasn’t long after they boarded their bus to head over to the south side when this happened…

That’s right, folks. It was a blazing fire shooting out of all sides of the bus.

Luckily, the fire crew was on-hand to assist. They headed out with their lights and sirens on to alert others of the danger.

When they arrived, they assessed the situation and realized that the passengers would have to be lifted out of the bus through the emergency exit in the roof of the vehicle and onto the ladder.

Meanwhile, on the ground, firefighters were dousing the flames with water.

Thankfully, no one was injured and they were all able to gather together for the first time since the incident on a local talk show to shake hands and exchange pleasantries.

I am sort of relieved all of the drama of this day has come to an end.