Strange Things

My kids were given these crazy little… things by their uncle. They love them.

April 2010 0080 web

They aren’t exactly cute. They aren’t exactly ugly.

April 2010 0074 web

But, the boys think they are very entertainig. When you squeeze them…

April 2010 0077_edited-1

Their eyes pop out.

April 2010 0076 web

I think I’ve felt that way myself once or twice in my life.


My kids love to color anything and everything. So, when Easter rolls around, we are very busy making brightly colored eggs.

I am very intrigued by religion, rituals and family traditions of all types. For my family, decorating Easter eggs sort of fits a little bit into each of those areas. One of the many great benefits of photographing weddings is that I get to learn so much about the beliefs and ceremonial aspects that make up the foundations of families. I love being a part of that and learning so much about people.

My little ones get very excited when I hard boil some eggs and mix up some food coloring.

March 2010 0718_edited-2

Of course, I’m not crazy–I cover everything with plastic and before getting started. They get to decide what colors to put their eggs in.

March 2010 0754_edited-3

After a few mintues, we move on to markers. They spent a good part of an evening decorating and having fun with colors.

March 2010 0736_edited-2

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, or Sunday, or spring day. Or, just had a wonderful time celebrating whatever it is that makes you happy.