Stopping Time

What a wonderful, magical thing the camera is that allows us to stop a moment in time.

This moment was captured precisely as a wonderful family was enjoying the last of the summer days together.

We can look at their happy faces.

We see the love there, showing us how to be happy and written upon their smiles.

For years upcoming, this one moment will be shared with children, grandchildren and friends as a snapshot of life the way it was this warm, sunny day.

Thank you for allowing me to preserve your family during this day. You are so kind and wonderful. Please find the rest of your album here.

Beautiful Day in Every Way

The recent wedding day of Mary and Coley was simply perfect.

It started at home and ended in the same perfect place – home – with a lovely bride

and groom.

They decided they wanted a private moment to see each other before the day unfolded.

We soon headed off to a secluded area with the closest of friends and family.

It was such a wonderful sun-filled, mid-summer day.

There were so many memorable moments throughout the entire day.

Laughter and happiness was everywhere.

Also there were many moments that were meaningful beyond words.

Congratulations, Mary and Coley. Your wedding day was filled with laughter and memories and very special in every way. Please find the rest of your online album here.

Celebrating Family

There are anniversaries, birthdays, milestones, and many other events that are reason to celebrate. Often, it’s a simple gathering of family that’s the most important reason to recognize happiness.

These wonderful people have lots of milestones to celebrate.

A young man’s birthday. A quickly growing up lady. A celebration of years of marriage.

And there are celebrations of sunny days, time together, and moments of laughter.

This day was in between the milestones, but was very much a celebration of all of the things big and small and it was recognized through togetherness.

Here are some images from the fun of the afternoon.

Of course, we had to sneak in one mask image to document the times.

Thank you for celebrating in such a wonderful way. Please find the rest of your images here.

The Details Before

The recent wedding of Sarah and Philip began in the morning hours at the Something Blueberry Farm with so many perfect details, smiles and plenty of sunshine.

The beautiful lace covered dress was waiting in the dressing room, carefully ready for Sarah.

The shoes were perfect for the outdoor, country wedding.

And the rings sparkled in the bright and welcome sunlight.

The flowers were ready to be held.

And so many perfect things were waiting…

…Waiting for the day to begin, including a beautiful bride.

I love sharing these quiet moments before the crowds arrive and the music begins. These minutes of excited calm before the vows and the food are so special. Images from the rest of the day will be here soon.

Time Together

When a beautiful (inside and out) mother of three amazing young women contacts me to help capture their brief time together as a family, I am very honored.

Home from college.  All together.  Sharing laughter.

It is hard not to laugh when this beauty is running around sharing her happiness with all.

It is always the little moments within the time spent together that will linger on through the years.

Hanging ornaments.

Talking.  Listening. And laughing, of course.

It was such an honor to be able to capture some of your moments together for you. Please find the rest of your online album here.

Moments Make the Day Magic

At the wedding of Lexi and Rex, there was plenty to celebrate.

It was the most perfectly beautiful fall day.

Lexi’s dress was amazing.

Her flowers were so lovely.

The ladies were wonderful.

Rex and the gentlemen.  Handsome as they waited for the day to unfold.

The most special parts of the day were found in quick moments that would leave lasting memories.

The quiet moments before…

The significant moments during the ceremony at St. Mark

A final word to her father.

…and this moment right after. This one was very special.

What an amazing day!

An oh there were plenty of moments at the reception at Riverside as well. This on makes me smile. The ladies! Here’s the bouquet toss –

As the ladies went for the catch.

Congratulations Lexi and Rex!

Thank you so much for letting me share your beautiful day with you. Please find the rest of your online album here.

Senior in the Sun

I’m always honored when one of the young people in my world wants me to photograph a senior picture session.

In thinking back, I’m pretty sure I met this beautiful and extremely talented young lady while she was holding a chicken.

I have seen her teach young people anatomy and I have seen her win trophies for her knowledge and her skills. She’s able to soothe an upset turkey to the point of falling asleep in her arms.  Her pup adores her and sits as well as stays when asked for as long as asked.

She is a teen leader and an inspiration to many young people who look up to her for guidance.

She has a way with animals for certain and she can bend the strings of a cello to fill the air with the most beautiful sounds.

Talented – that is no doubt. Beautiful, no question.

Congratulations, Lacey, on your senior year.  Your talents have helped me out many times!  Please find the rest of your online album here.

Senior Year Already!

I remember seeing her at gatherings as a little girl.

Her mother and I have known each other for years, but I don’t see either often any more.

So, it was a bit of a surprise when I did see her again after several years to realize she had grown into such a gorgeous young lady!

She always struck me as being very pretty, but I can say now she is quite beautiful and also so very nice.

Thank you so much for inviting me to capture your senior year memories! I am truly honored. Please find the rest of your online album here. I hope your senior year is wonderful.

All things Blooming

I’ve been busy booking things for the future and am all sorts of excited about the weddings coming up for the season! I will be in barns and beautiful halls and fabulous train depots and out in fields with some of the most beautiful people I have met.

I have also been busy enjoying the fresh spring air and daydreaming about all of the beautiful flowers that will soon be blooming…

So, with brides, weddings and flowers on my mind, I thought I would post a small sample of some pictures of past wedding bouquets in hopes of sharing spring and maybe inspiring a bride or two with these artistic creations. Enjoy!

Watching a Family Become

Through this journey as a photographer, I have many times been the quiet one in the corners of the rooms and the small spaces with my lens ready to silently preserve a special moment meant for just those people involved. This particular hour was one of those occasions which the people involved have allowed me to share.

I was there when they said their vows and I am happy to now be able to say I was there when they became a family.

This beautiful little one became their son.

He is surrounded by love and it is plain to see.

This little man is so handsome it’s hard to not fall for him.

His happiness in contagious.

He is now part of a whole.

I could not be happier for these wonderful people and am very thankful to have been the person they trusted to sit in on their moments.