A Blue Dress Barn Wedding

I recently had the honor of photographing a lovely spring wedding at the Blue Dress Barn in Millburg. What a fun place to take pictures. There is plenty of green and shade. The place has a lot of character. But the biggest appeal to me is all of the texture in the old wood of the walls and the structural elements of the barn itself. I love the fact that the paint is not perfect and the twin cement silos have vines reaching up them.

The inside looks every bit how you would imagine a very large retired dairy barn should look, but it has a classy charm to it.
Jennifer and Jake 0214_edited-2

This is the place where this lovely person, Jennifer,
Jennifer and Jake 0049_edited-2

married Jake.
Jennifer and Jake 0400_edited-2

The day was perfectly warm and sunny the day after some fierce storms. So, everything was green and lush.
Jennifer and Jake 0084_edited-2

There really isn’t a bad view in the whole place.
Jennifer and Jake 0040_edited-2

The groomsmen were waiting for the ceremony to begin.
Jennifer and Jake 0185_edited-2

After the ceremony, we had some amazing light to work with.
Jennifer and Jake 0400_edited-2

Here is a look at the bridal party with the sunlight pouring over their shoulders.
Jennifer and Jake 0384_edited-2

This quaint sitting area is tucked in next to the siloh changing area just waiting for two people to enjoy a moment of solitude.
Jennifer and Jake 0393_edited-2

Good luck to you Jennifer and Jake.
Jennifer and Jake 0079_edited-2

You had a very beautiful start to your married life together.
Jennifer and Jake 0117_edited-2

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Photographing My First Bat/Bar Mitzvah

I am very honored to have been able to photograph my first Bat Mitzvah last week. It was a very meaningful and beautiful celebration of this lovely young lady

Marlowe 2010 0073 edited_edited-1

Marlowe 2010 0062 edited_edited-1

The evening started out with this

Marlowe 2010 0005 edited_edited-1

She was surrounded by loving family and supporting friends. Her father was by her side.

Marlowe 2010 0315 edited_edited-1

Her mother wrote her an amazing poem which touched the hearts of more than a few people in the room.

Marlowe 2010 0879 edited_edited-1

Her friends were wonderful and happy to be a part of the celebration which followed.

Marlowe 2010 0486 edited_edited-1

I really enjoyed photographing all of the meaningful moments and the symbolic events of the evening.

Marlowe 2010 0553_edited-1

Marlowe 2010 0621_edited-1

Marlowe 2010 0632 edited_edited-1

I am trully lucky to be invited to participate in the moments that shape people’s lives. For this young lady, I am sure the night will live long in her heart and I will be very pleased to present her with the photographs she can look back to over the years.