A Girl and Her Horse

There’s something special between a girl and her horse. It is a bond that withstands time and proves to be a connection stronger than steel.

Watching this beautiful young lady and beloved horse, I could tell that connection exists for certain.

Happy senior year, Alena! Thank you for picking me to preserve your memories. Please find the rest of your images here.


What Will Be Remembered

Chelsea and Alex got married on one of the rainiest days of the year. I wanted to mention that directly up front because – while that did happen – the things that will be remembered about their amazing wedding day have nothing to do with the rain.

What will be remembered are the brilliant colors Chelsea surrounded herself with.

The quiet time spent getting ready.

Most definitely, the biggest memory of the day will be the huge amount of pure love surrounding them.

The priceless expression of honest joy upon Alex’s face as he first looked upon his bride.

The perfect church for a ceremony.

The fact that they had many, many attendants who love them.

More smiles than raindrops!

And a warm, cozy, reception at The Silo.

Congratulations Chelsea and Alex! Your day was so amazing. Please find the rest of your online album here.

Renee and Bill

The wedding of Renee and Bill was an intimate, quaint event attended by the very closest of close people in their lives.

The details were lovely.

The weather was as beautiful as the ceremony.

Soon, Renee and Bill were married. We headed out to gather some images that would preserve their day.

As the afternoon grew later, we found our way to the reception where many friends and family members were waiting for their arrival to start the celebration.

The night ended with a lantern launch across the hills overlooking Battle Creek.

Congratulations to Renee and Bill on your perfectly amazing day. Please find the rest of your online album here.

Tina and Joe

The wedding day of Tina and Joe was a fantastic day filled with sunshine, great music, family and friends, and the love of two wonderful people.

It began with the details and the pre-wedding scurry of people getting ready for something special.

The setting for the day was a location special to the family. So we had some fun with the details.

Tina and Joe decided they wanted an intimate “first look” of each other before the guests arrived and the day started filling with activity. Here’s a peek:

The wedding party was ready for the fun to begin.

It seemed like only moments after the day began that the guests were arriving and the bride was peeking around from her hiding spot to see if it was time to walk.

Just as quickly as the ceremony time arrived, the reception started and so did the dancing.

Thank you Tina and Joe for such an amazing day. Your wedding was beautiful. Please find the rest of your online album here.