Watching a Family Become

Through this journey as a photographer, I have many times been the quiet one in the corners of the rooms and the small spaces with my lens ready to silently preserve a special moment meant for just those people involved. This particular hour was one of those occasions which the people involved have allowed me to share.

I was there when they said their vows and I am happy to now be able to say I was there when they became a family.

This beautiful little one became their son.

He is surrounded by love and it is plain to see.

This little man is so handsome it’s hard to not fall for him.

His happiness in contagious.

He is now part of a whole.

I could not be happier for these wonderful people and am very thankful to have been the person they trusted to sit in on their moments.

A Super Cute Tractor Operator

Earlier this fall, I was visited by the a little one who loves tractors with his whole huge heart.

Not rain or a slightly annoying photographer could stop this adorable little man from his super active explorations of his surroundings.

Not only is he into tractors, he also loves to climb…

and play with leaves…

and don’t tell anyone but he not-so-secretly loves his super wonderful big sister!

Thanks letting me share a rainy evening with this little heart-breaker! I had a wonderful time with him taking these pictures.

Cold and Snow Mixed with Fun!

Months of trying to find a perfect day brought about a cold and snowy morning – perfectly fitting for a little bit of pre-holiday fun and family pictures!

The day was chilly! We had to keep moving to stay warm – so climbing was in order…

…and also a little bit of smooching!

This gorgeous couple have a couple of gorgeous kids!

All together, the four of them make a picture-perfect family.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful morning and I hope I didn’t make you too cold. Please find your online album here.

Fun Fall Family Pictures

I had a fun time photographing a wonderful family on a recent fall day.

They are a group of three.

But one definitely stole the camera!

His cuteness is quite obvious.

He is a very sweet young man.

It is easy to see where he gets his mannerisms from – his parents are also very kind.

Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family and I am still thankful we had a chance to squeeze our session in before the big storms! Please visit your pictures here.