Rebecca and Rob

A very beautiful spring day was born on which to hold the date for anniversaries of love for one special couple who for sure make a difference in the world. This spring day held the marriage vows (written by each) of Rebecca and Rob. In the perfect weather with blossoms around, they united.

It started with the details Rebecca had carefully selected. The dress covered in lace to hang perfectly over her.

The flowers in shades of white and green to accent the blues she loves.

The rings what will wrap around their fingers for years to come.

Both were ready. Rebecca – always beautiful – could not wait for the hour to arrive.

The ladies were gorgeous as they prepared for the day.

Two sweet young ladies helped bring extra specialness to the day.

Rob was having fun with every minute that passed.

Brothers from afar and friends gathered to make his day a little more interesting (My poses…)

(Their poses…)

They had this adorably handsome little man to bring their rings to them. He preferred to stand a little more in front of the photo lineup.

The day was fun up to the ceremony… then it turned outright awesome! The magic happened when Rebecca and Rob came together.

Surrounded by family and friends, it was impossible not to notice the electricity at the Millcreek Barns.

Congratulations Rebecca and Rob! I am so super happy to be in your lives and to have had the opportunity to watch the two of you be in love. Please find the rest of your online album here.