Random Images from 2011

As the year 2011 comes to an end, I found myself looking through pictures taken during the year. I try to have them all organized every year by the time January 1 hits and it gives me an opportunity to recap the moments that made the previous 12 months special.

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people in 2011. I am humbled by the love I have experienced as I worked alongside families and couples during their special days.

As I went through my days in pictures, I saw that there were many moments to remember. More than I could possibly post here. So, I picked out a few images from my time with family that hadn’t been used in other posts on this site as a recap of some of the many moments that were memorable to me. Please enjoy and know that I am looking forward to capturing your special moments in the upcoming new year.

Ice fishing with Grandpa…

I think this one is my favorite. It’s my little boy who was three years old at the time. He is leading a pony out to ride all by himself. He was so very brave to do that when you consider the pony is so much bigger than him. I love that he takes the world (and the pony) by the reins. This one will probably end up on my wall one day.

I am wishing you a happy new year and a 2012 filled with love, great health and wonderful memories.

Preparing for the Big Guy in Red

The big guy in red is on his way. It’s true and I will never stop believing it. And we have all been extra super good this year. So, everyone in my house is buzzing around — partially due to excitement and mostly due to sugar intake.

Today was our annual sugar cookie decorating.

Each year we decorate special cookies to leave behind for Santa. Eggs are dropped and flour is flung and most of the time there’s more frosting and sprinkles on each cookie than it can possibly hold.

It’s a completely fun mess.

My boys work very hard on their cookies — making them little peices of art.

They put their hearts into designing them and making them just right.

I have a feeling Santa will absolutely love them.

Tomorrow night on Christmas Eve, they will each set a special cookie out on a Christmas plate just for the big guy in red. There will be a frothy glass of milk and some veggies left for the reindeer.

This is a time for love and peace. Whatever you do to celebrate the season — whatever traditions you may enjoy — I hope each of you has a magical day and a wonderful end to this amazing year.

Merry Christmas, friends!