Up with Erin and Bob

One recent Saturday was a very “Up” sort of day with a very-in-love Erin and Bob.

I have had the pleasure of recently getting to know this fun-loving pair and in doing so, have learned that certain things make them very happy (like happier than they already are – which is super happy). One thing that makes Bob extremely happy is Erin.

What makes Erin happy? Bob for sure.

On this special day, they were both happy for it to be their wedding day.

Erin and Bob had surrounded themselves with things that especially put a twinkle in their eyes: purple in various shades…

flowers they love

and people whom they cherish.

They gathered at the North Park Reformed Church with so many friends and family to celebrate their happiness.

The ceremony was fabulous. Sunlight poured in through the stained glass surrounding the church, giving it a colorful glow.

Guests of the event, followed by the newly and happily married, Erin and Bob, soon headed off to the reception to celebrate.

On the way, Erin and Bob made a quick, private stop for a few minutes of quiet together time.

Festivities were held at the Holiday Inn Kalamazoo West — things there were really looking “Up.”

The movie, “Up”, is one more thing that makes them happy and hints of the movie were placed in key locations and moments throughout their special day.

Erin and Bob, it has been a true pleasure to work with you both. I too am happy that I could be a part of your wonderful day. I have had the privilege of hearing your words of adoration for one another and that, for sure is a gift. Please find the rest of your online album here.

Lindsey and Mike

There was a threat of rain on a recent day that turned out to be most spectacular for a wedding and all the while, the family was convinced the sun would come out to shine on them – a gift from those above watching over the day.

The day started early getting ready and I could not help but share this picture because it makes me smile…

We stopped along the way for a special moment (one of many that would happen that day).

Regardless of the weather, there was plenty of sun in the bride, Lindsey who had planned a rainbow of color around her favorite, purple in all of the hues.

The dress, the flowers, the shoes, the rings – all were as beautiful as her and the result of endless hours of planning with her family by her side.

Lindsey’s friends were devoted to her and made her day special for sure.

The day’s groom, Mike, was more than ready to see her and to exchange the vows that waited.

And the men who surrounded him for the day were the perfect gentlemen.

When we arrived at church, it was dark due to a power outage from the passing storms of days prior. But, her friends took care of her and connections at the power company got the lights on just in time for a beautiful ceremony.

The perfect car for racing awaited, but on this day, it was a chariot for a couple in love as they drove off to the reception at The Silo.

Dancing and celebrating took place and amidst all of it, the sun did come out! Just like they knew it would.

They had even thought to bring along their own rainbow just in case.

Congratulations Lindsey and Mike! It was a pure honor to be a part of your amazing journey. I am happy for all of the circumstances that brought us together. Please find the rest of your online album here.