Tara and Ryan

My last wedding for the season took place on a perfect autumn day. It was spent with the beautiful Tara.

She had her something blue…

…fall colored flowers…

…and a handsome groom waiting to see her.

The ceremony took place in St. Joseph near Silver Beach – outside – overlooking the water.

When we first met, Tara and Ryan asked if I could give their pictures a vintage look. So…

We wandered around taking in the scenery and the beautiful fall weather and enjoying the perfect day to marry someone you love.

We stopped at the train station near the tracks.

We stopped for a cool beverage

then headed down to the beach.

We did a lot of walking.

The friends and family in the wedding party were very supportive and fun.

We went to the carousel…

…then the fountain.

We headed off for a night of fun at the Heritage Center where there was a rocking mariachi band waiting to serenade Tara and Ryan.

Tara and Ryan, you are truly a wonderful couple! I had so much fun with both of you and your amazing families and friends. Please find the rest of your online album here. I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon and many amazing days to come!


I love fall in Michigan. I can never get enough of the spectacular colors or the fresh scent of impending change in the air.

I really love the way the trees and the plants prepare themselves for the cold winter months.

I saw some milkweed roadside ready to spread around for next spring. I stopped and helped it out a little. I used to love playing with the pods and the fluff when I was a kid.

Fly away milkweed seeds! I’ll see you in the spring.

Fascinating Finds

I love auctions. I love the noise, the colors and the fast-moving pace. I enjoy listening to the quick talking auctioneers and the watching people struggle with split second decisions. I watch. I learn. I bid. Sometimes I win and sometimes I do not.

One of the best things about auctions is the randomness of what you will find when you go. You never know what treasures will be awaiting their moment in the spotlight.

Old things. Fragile things. Heavy things. Collectible things. Lots of “things” everywhere.

On our last trip to auction, we found some borderline creepy treasures…

For some reason, I almost always find mannequins wearing horrible clothing.

After spending all of our time and money at auction, we ventured out to the market. I’m not a huge fan of flea markets–but we had some time, so why not?

The people selling their wares were very willing to share their stories as well. If you have a minute, you can learn almost anything you never wanted to know about things like Zippo lighters or military surplus.

People from all walks of life come to find bargains on things they can use or unique items of interest.

The food is good.

For me, the company was great.

But this screaming head sort of freaked me out just a little — especially since they were actually using her to promote the sales of their hats and scarves.

Sarah & David

I have to say I was really looking forward to the wedding of Sarah and David ever since our initial wedding consultation. I knew they would be a fun couple to work with and they did not disappoint.

Sarah was absolutely stunning as she prepared for her big day.

Maybe it was her awesome something blue shoes…

…or her flowing sparkling dress…

…or her beautiful bouquet…

…or the way she absolutely lit up from the inside when she saw David for the first time on their wedding day.

The sun was shining bright, though it was a bit windy and chilly. When the ceremony began it seemed to warm up at the Heritage Glen Golf Club. The entire wedding party was so much fun! The laughter kept everyone a little warmer.

Because it was so chilly outside, I don’t think anyone minded getting a little closer for pictures.

Sarah and David looked great together as they shared their special day with friends and family.

Congratulations Sarah and David. View the rest of your online album here. I wish you a lifetime of laughing and days filled with the fun that you shared on your wedding day.