Sap Taps

Those of you who pop in time and again and those of you who know me know that I am fond of the itty bitty little things that traverse this planet – things with multiple sets of legs, maybe a couple of wings, antennae, and sometimes have thousands of eyes.

So, this is about nothing much really. Nothing bigger than a grain of rice and a few little ants drinking themselves silly on the sugary sap from my maple trees this spring.

A gathering of ants.

When Superheros Fall …for each other

There are some who would argue that superheros do not really exist. To those, I would like to introduce the newly married Jillane and Jake — Not superheros in the cape wearing sense, but in their love of helping others be the best selves they can be.

On top of that, our hero and heroine have a lot of creativity in their hearts and a love of bicycling.

Mix the two souls together and you get – Bam! and Pow!

From the beginning…

It was a chilly but mild end of winter morning that brought us all together to start the day in a room filled with bikes, color, and wedding accessories.

There was a happy bride to be (Jillane) getting ready for her day.

Across town, the groom (Jake) happily waited.

They had flowers in bright colors and rings to wear.

Family and friends gathered to help them celebrate their day as vows were exchanged on a simple wall in front of their own words. Words for each other scrawled by them to surround their moments – the perfect backdrop for a wedding and for life.

Of course, there were other superheros around that day – some big and some small.

After they said “I do” –

We set out to find a place to capture their true environment and ended up surrounded by gears and tires and chains.


I love catching people laughing.

Jillane and Jake were surrounded by people who love them.

The sun found us after a snowy morning!

Dancing and celebration brought in the night.

It was a gorgeous day for two very wonderful people – everyday heros, if you ask me.

At the end of the night, Jillane and Jake headed off to the journey of together, hand in hand.

Thank you for making me feel so welcome in your lives. Please find the rest of your online album here.