The Pest Control Crew

Each spring I order my pest control for the summer garden. It shows up in the mail. I bring the small package inside and keep it warm for about 8 weeks. It takes a while for my pest control to mature. In synchronization with the springtime warming of the days, this happens:

We were lucky enough to be home the moment the little mantids emerged from their eggs.

My boys got to hold them the moment they came out into the world.

Right about the time the pesky garden eaters get big enough to do some serious damage to my crops, these little guys will be quite large and harboring a healthy appetite! Now, I just have to hope several make it past my chickens into the flock-free area of my garden.

Nestled in a Field Under a Big Sky – Hayley and Colin

(part 2)

Hayley and Colin chose a small place under a very huge sky in the middle of a green lush field. The world seemed endlessly open to possibilities there in the middle of everything far removed from anything. The sky! it was the bluest shade and there were perfect puffy clouds scattered like confetti on the blue. It was breathtaking.

The ceremony was to be very small and intimate. Guests arrived and made their way into the field.

A special person walked Hayley down the path to her future. Her son, handsome and proud in his role, carefully escorted her.

The vows, special words and rings were exchanged with perfection.

The day was filled with laughter – the first kiss was no exception thanks to the “distress” over seeing the smooching! (one of my favorite first kiss pictures ever!)

We soon sped off to capture some special moments while the reception area filled with the many arriving guests.

In case I forgot to mention it… this location was filled with very fun things like mammoth pits and hills of stone and gravel, large construction equipment, and much more! A perfect backdrop for wedding pictures, if you ask me.

We made our way far back to this place. Another breathtaking view of forever from the top of rolling hills and more blue skies.

We headed back to the barn area so Hayley and Colin could greet their reception guests. Cotton candy from a vintage machine was handed out to the little ones while the guest rock was signed.

As the night quickly arrived, the dancing began.

This “barn” was the perfect backdrop for the fun.

It seemed the day had just started when the sun was already setting.

Hayley and Colin, it was a true pleasure to be so welcomed into your world, your family and friends. Please find your online album here – though at the time of my writing this, the pictures are just getting started in their upload (look for around 160 total here when the upload is done. Many more will be printed for you soon).

Where the Day Began for Hayley and Colin

(Part 1 of 2)

Getting ready for your wedding day does not start a few hours before the ceremony. It starts many months prior. Those many months prior to this beautiful day, I met with the always smiling, Hayley.

During our meeting, Hayley explained that her wedding would be in a field near a barn. So, my mind formed a picture. I very much love barns and am always beyond happy when I get to know a new barn location that will house a ceremony of love.

Hayley is modest. When I arrived at this “barn”, it took my breath away – the perfect place for happy people. You will see from this post and the next that this barn was filled to the hilt with happy people doing what they do and enjoying coming together for such a celebration.

So, from the beginning…

The details were ready that morning. The dress of lace and boots of leather.

That’s where the similarities to the other weddings in barns ended… This place was filled with really fun things like construction cones, rusty metal, street signs, large construction machinery, and other very awesome things that would make this wedding very special to Hayley and Colin.

The rings.

Oh I had fun with the rings!

Hayley was excitedly tending to last-minute details.

There was a very large and heavy rock to sign from their ground – a special way to remember their guests.

The cake shared the construction theme (road construction is an important part of their legacy).

Hayley soon disappeared to begin transforming herself from beautiful to stunning.

Colin was very ready to see Hayley. His boots hinted at the fun yet to come.

They opted to see each other beforehand and I was lucky to be there to help preserve Colin’s very first look at Hayley, his bride.

They were together for a few quiet moments before the guests arrived for their very intimate wedding.

I’m off to upload the wedding pictures now – part 2 will be ready tomorrow! Until then, here’s a peek at Hayley and Colin.

Carly and Devin – The Best Day

Carly and Devin had a sign at their wedding listing three important dates – the date they met, the date she said yes, and “the best day” (the day they said “I do”).

It was a great day for sure. Carly came armed with a whole bunch of ideas for pictures and so did I. Plus she gave me the perfect schedule which included a big window of time for capturing their moments. The weather cooperated beautifully with only a spattering of rain early on that quickly turned into a sunny and fabulous day.

Carly is sweet and beautiful. She paid attention to every single detail and it showed.

If this were a fairy tale, it would have probably started with a princess and a frog…

But this is true love, not just a story. And our princess is more amazing than what could be found in a fable.

She was surrounded by friends and family.

Her flowers were delicately pretty.

She was ready!

Devin, the handsome prince in our true life love story, was ready as well.

They decided not to see each other before the ceremony at the beautiful Lawton Heritage Community Center, but they didn’t want to be too far away from each other.

Sunshine filled room as vows were exchanged.

As they day wound into evening, Carly and Devin shared some special (and some fun) moments.

Carly and Devin — thank you for a beautiful day. I hope each and every moment you have together makes the most amazing true life story. Please find the rest of your online album here.

Getting Ready – Carly

I have loads of pictures in my edit files over the past couple of weeks and a bride or two eagerly waiting to see them. So, I thought I would digress a bit and start off the first wedding at the beginning of the day. Here’s a look at the beautiful Carly and her wonderful bridesmaids preparing for what was to come at the Lawton Heritage Community Center in the perfect warm spring sunlight.

The ceremony pictures are coming quite soon.

Good morning Carly! You look fabulous and so happy and your eye for detail is amazing.

This is the breathtaking Carly right before the ceremony.