Jessica and Andrew

On a Saturday not long ago, a stunning Jessica prepared to marry her long-time boyfriend.

Andrew looked very distinguished as he waited to see how Jessica had transformed into a beautiful bride.

Together, the two of them make one amazing couple.

Their ceremony and reception were held at Thornapple Creek on a perfectly blue-sky-sunny type of day.

The ladies were lovely under the blue skies in their purple gowns.

The guys looked dashing as they waited for the day to begin.

The flowers in hues of purple were beautiful. Even a bee or two visited them while were were outside.

The ceremony was lovely inside the by the fireplace with candles on the mantle.

Vows were spoken and rings exchanged.

And they were officially united.

Congratulations Jessica and Andrew! You both have been an absolute pleasure to work with over the past several months. Please find the rest of your online album here.

Ashleigh and Matthew

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Ashleigh and Matthew over the past year as they planned their wedding. So, I was excited when their wedding day arrived. I could hardly wait to see all of Ashleigh’s plans come together.

She was beautiful.

Matthew was looking great at Friendship Farm before the ceremony began.

Beautiful flowers of pink and blue were chosen for the ceremony.

Ashleigh was escorted down the aisle by her father.

The wedding party was perfection!

And Ashleigh and Matthew were amazing together.

Friendship Farm was as beautiful as always and the hospitality was top-notch!

Ashleigh wanted some nighttime pictures. These are just before dark…

After dark…

I have to throw a shout out to The Canopeum for the large canopy, the lights, the details. It was perfectly beautiful.

Thank you Ashleigh and Matthew for having me as part of your day. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and to see all of your dreams come true. Please view the rest of your online album here.

Ten Years

I think we all remember where we were on that day and that moment we first realized what was happening.

I was sitting at my desk. The paper delivery guy came in looking ashen-faced and asked me if I knew what was happening. He said a jet had hit a building. So, we ran to the TV and turned it on just as the news was breaking. We watched. I sat with my hands over my heart trying to grasp what it all meant.

I am definitely more of a “love not war” kind of girl. But, I can say that the huge majority of people I love deeply in this world have served this country either in the armed forces or in the field of public safety. As these people in my life have served or are serving, their time of devotion to this country has shaped their lives and made them who they are so I can be the person I am–free and able to write what I think and to live each day without knowing what true fear feels like.

When I think about the events of that day, I feel very small in the world. I cannot comprehend how many different ways lives were affected by that day. People died. People were saved. People were lost. People were found. Heroes were born. Relationships changed. People enlisted. Shock and disbelief were followed by sorrow and anger. I remember feeling a strong desire to help in some way. I remember wanting to tell everyone in my life how much they meant to me. I wanted them to know just in case. I wanted to pull everyone in close to me and shroud them in blankets of happiness.

My husband and I were then just newly dating. He and I sat glued to the television watching and talking and thinking. We tried to figure out on so many profound levels what it all meant, but were really left with nothing but feelings of foreboding.

And so, a moment from me to offer a heart-felt thank you to you for following the path that called you to protect this country and people like me who dream and for making it possible for dreams to still come true. Because my life is so very much intertwined with those very people who devote themselves to ensuring the safety of all of us, I can say truthfully that not a day goes by that I don’t think about how thankful I am for you–the protectors of our country, our security, our safety, our freedoms.

Thank you.

Email Didn’t Work and The Harvest

Two topics: First of all, two people have recently brought it to my attention that the “Contact Me” section of the website hasn’t been working. So, if you are someone who tried to get in touch with me via that feature of my website… and I didn’t reply… then I never got the message. So, please contact me again.

It appears the website was fine, but the email I’m using is having some very major issues. So, I have the email going to a new email address by a new provider. Please email me again through the website or call me. Thank you.

Second: The Harvest

Our garden has been full of successes and failures this first year out. I will say I have learned a lot and am excited to apply my new-found knowledge in next years’ garden which I am already planning. I am going to be digging up a large section of yard for a huge pumpkin patch separate from the main garden for starters.

Here’s a look at this year’s harvest:

Beginning with the picking crew…

We didn’t even plant these. They just grew. In the aisle.

My favorite… I like things hot.

The guard kitty made sure all was well.

Katie and Paul

I love color. On a particular August day which started out gloomy and rainy, a splash of yellow was just the touch.

It was the wedding day of Katie

and Paul.

They were married in a beautiful wedding ceremony at the First United Methodist Church in South Haven.

During the ceremony, the rain cleared up. The sun came out. The day became beautiful.

After the ceremony, we headed to South Beach for some pictures.

Katie was gorgeous.

Katie and Paul together…

The rings…

The wedding party was stunning in yellows and grays.

Katie and Paul were very willing to have some fun!

Katie and Paul, you have style! I loved working with you and your friends and family. Please view the rest of your online album here. Thank you for having me be a part of your special day.


I am really excited about my new bicycle.

I love the colors. They are bright and cheery.

It has a cup holder in the front — not a bottle holder, a CUP holder.

It’s covered in fun graphics like flowers and pelicans.

The seat is very comfortable. It’s like sitting on a couch.

There are heart shapes in the crankset so I can feel love every time I pedal.

It’s very well built — solid.

I love riding on it, but my chickens keep crossing the road in front of me. I think they’re crossing the road to get me off the bike. Maybe they want to ride in the basket.

I wont be using it in any triathlons, but it’s very fun to ride.