Melanie and Miguel

Melanie and Miguel – where do I begin? They are talented, both of them. They are gracious. They are beautiful inside and out.

From the Chicago area and with no real connection to Kalamazoo other than a vision of their perfect day, they stumbled across the Henderson Castle and realized it matched perfectly with what they envisioned for their wedding day.

Melanie is gorgeous. She is simply elegant. Her details matched her style perfectly. She started out with her best friend and some color.

A dress of lace.

Flowers to drape around her hands.

Shoes to carry her toward her future.

And rings to wrap their fingers.

She was absolutely stunning.

Miguel is a very talented artist by trade (and I’m totally not kidding, you should see what he can do with some paint!).

With a best friend to help and an intimate group of those who are very special to Melanie and Miguel, their vows were exchanged on this very sunny day.

Some quiet time for a moment was shared.

It seemed almost too soon when the sun began sinking behind the horizon.

Melanie and Miguel, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day. I am honored to have had the opportunity to know you both and your wonderful family and friends. Please find the rest of your online album here.

Tara and Nate

An overcast sky and the hint of fall color was the setting of the perfectly gorgeous wedding of the lovely Tara and handsome Nate.

Tara brought along a dress of lace,

a beautiful group of women,

a precious little lady,

and a whole lot of artistic flair that highlighted their outdoor lifestyle. I love her bouquet of feathers – from assorted birds hunted by family and friends.

Nate and his gentlemen were ready for the day.

They (along with Tara) share a love of bowfishing, hunting, and all things out in nature and their passions were hinted at throughout the day. (…the guys were just a little nervous when I took this picture – no worries as no photographers were actually harmed in the making of this image).

I had loads of fun with the rings.

Tara and Nate look great together…

They share this sweet and pretty little one.

The fabulous Riverside Receptions was the perfect setting for Tara and Nate and held true to its reputation of being a beautiful place to be married. Their daughter daintily prepared their way with soft feathers scattered about.

A perfect ceremony was held.

Everyone looked stunning!

Some fun was had along the way.

(Note: This was not their catch of the day, but their spectacular custom-made cake)

Evening came quickly.

Tara and Nate, please find the rest of your online album here. Thank you for letting me be part of your families and part of your amazing day.

Theresa and Jacob

I sometimes can’t believe when a whole year has passed between the booking of a wedding and the actual wedding day, and this was one of those weddings where I woke up that morning and thought, “Wow! I can’t believe it’s already Theresa and Jacob’s wedding day.” But, it was here. The sun was shining brightly. And the day was every bit as beautiful as I had imagined when I first spoke with them around a year ago.

So, we started out in a lovely home nearby where the dress was waiting and the ladies were busy getting ready with proud relatives looking on with love and pride on their faces.

It wasn’t long before the dress was on and we headed out to Kindleberger Park for some pre-wedding pictures.

I met the gentlemen there first. Jacob and his groomsmen were wonderful and really enjoying the morning.

It wasn’t long before Theresa arrived looking stunning and so very happy.

The ladies were close at hand with the sun shining brightly overhead.

Theresa and Jacob were happy to have some quiet, intimate moments before all of the excitement began. –and the sun was beautiful and extra shiny!

We combined the ladies and the gentlemen for some wonderful moments in the sun before heading off to the church.

Off to St. Joseph Catholic Church we went with the flowers…

…the rings…

…and a very happy couple.

This little sweetie was interested in watching Theresa and Jacob.

A few more pictures of the wedding party.

Then, the beautiful ceremony began.

After, we headed off to the fun at The Fountains with some celebrating

and some dancing.

Thank you Theresa and Jacob for sharing your perfect day with me. I can’t wait to work with you to provide you with the wedding book of your dreams very soon! Please find the rest of your online album here.