Remembering an Age

I was recently joined by this wonderful family to document two important occasions!

There was second birthday to celebrate.

And a new baby to introduce to the world.

Thankfully, both parents were very good at posing while I followed their energetic young lady around to capture her doing what she does!

I love catching the little ones in their moments – true to self.

I had an amazing evening with your family. You have such beautiful children! Please find the rest of your session here.

When the Girls Came Home

Between classes, winter illnesses, and a litany of other things going on over the winter months, I was very happy to be able to photograph this family when they were all home for their winter break – and we had the perfect day for it!

They are a family filled with beautiful, creative and environmentally savvy daughters.

The littlest one will be both artistic as well as a champion for this planet, of that I have no doubt. She has several outstanding examples to show her the way.

This family is an inspiration to me.

Please find your session here.

Wonder-Filled Winter Wedding

It was a cool, but not frigid, sunny winter morning when Misty began getting ready for the day she had dreamed about and planned for with perfection.

Fabulous shoes.

Amazing hand-made bouquets of individually crafted satin flowers and jewels with meaning passed along through the years.


Sisters – ready in the quiet before.

…and on the other side of the venue (the Lawton Heritage Community Center)…

Brian and his groomsmen.

They decided to not see each other before the ceremony. It was easy to see they looked great together though.

Before long, it was time and we made our way to the guests.

The ceremony was perfection.

Brian and Misty!

Misty is a teacher by trade, so I could not help but have some fun in the antique-filled schoolhouse section of the museum.

The bridal party was a fun group!

The evening ended with a wonderful reception – great food, awesome music, and loads of smiles.

This is one story where “The end” is not the end, but really the beginning…

Thank you Misty and Brian for sharing your beautiful wedding day with me. Please find the rest of your online album here.