New Barn Backdrop

I have recently returned from a family get-away in Kentucky. We went horseback riding and explored the Mammoth Caves. Everywhere I looked, I saw these awesome barns and I really wanted to plop my kids down in front of them to take their pictures. I love old barns. Of course, we were on a trip. So, the little ones were dressed in “tourist” clothing (Spider Man tee shirts). I didn’t think the boys in comic book tees in front of a picturesque barn was the framable shot I had in mind. But, when I got back to Michigan, I quickly purchased an old barn backdrop with a windmill. So, I now have the ability to put the little guys in more barn-like attire for the shot that I was envisioning.

Of course, this means I now have the ability to put anyone’s little guys or gals in the same setting for something that could be turned into a nice wall-hanging. Think rustic and bib jeans and flowered hats.

P.S.–I’ll admit I too was wearing a Spider Man shirt. My boys loved it when I came out dressed for the day in super-hero garb. It was fun.

I am totally booked up this spring for weddings, but still squeezing in other sessions such as senior pictures or family portraits. I do still have a couple of openings for weddings in the summer months and plenty for the fall/winter. I really don’t like turning people away because every wedding is someone’s special story–the beginning of a wonderful new saga of life. I love seeing how the big event unfolds and who their special people are. I love the colors and the dresses and the hair and the conversations.

Obviously, I have not finished my new website yet. I was worried this would happen. I get involved in processing the photos and organizing them and put the other things on the back burner. Well, I’m in the full swing of the wedding season and so my site is on hold for a while. I am about half-way done with it, so maybe I’ll get some time in to finish it off, but not this week or next (or the one after that). I just thought I’d mention it here since I had mentioned earlier that it would be released. It will be released, just not today for certain.

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