All things Blooming

I’ve been busy booking things for the future and am all sorts of excited about the weddings coming up for the season! I will be in barns and beautiful halls and fabulous train depots and out in fields with some of the most beautiful people I have met.

I have also been busy enjoying the fresh spring air and daydreaming about all of the beautiful flowers that will soon be blooming…

So, with brides, weddings and flowers on my mind, I thought I would post a small sample of some pictures of past wedding bouquets in hopes of sharing spring and maybe inspiring a bride or two with these artistic creations. Enjoy!

Cow #17

March is a little bit of the off season for photographing weddings. So, in looking through my pictures, I have decided to add a random post about a cow named #17. She’s friends with #16 and #11.

It all started one fall day when I drove past this beautiful valley filled with cows grazing in the cooling fall air. I decided to pull over for a moment just to watch them.

I caught the eye of #17.

In only a few moments, there was a herd of the spotted beasts with their big gentle eyes heading my way.

Instead of me watching them, they decided to watch me.

I’m not sure who was watching what. But I do know I am not capable of licking my own nostril.

And this concludes this evening’s random picture post in my slow season.