Summer Sun, Senior Year

I am so fortunate to be able to see our young people grow into amazing souls and to also share their smiles from my camera lens. This particular young lady is kind, intelligent and beautiful.

I know she is going to do amazing things as her career path forms and her future horizons are growing nearer.

She asked for woodlands and fields for her photos and this fits her connection with nature, animals, and plants.

Have a wonderful senior year! Please find the rest of your photos here.

Summer Sun, Perfect Smiles

I had the honor of photographing this amazing young lady recently.

I have also had the honor of seeing her grow up the entirety of her life through glimpses here and there and am so happy to share her beauty in these images of her.

She will soon graduate and take on the world with her own style, ideas, and determination.

Best wishes to you in your senior year! Please find the rest of your album here.

Into the Sunlight

I recently had the honor of photographing this gorgeous young lady as she prepared to begin her final year as a high school student.

She picked the date and the time, making certain we would have the most beautiful sunlight.

She also came prepared with lots of ideas.

Her creativity and professionalism were so much a part of the evening that they radiated through her smile.

Although these were taken in the setting sun, your own sun is clearly rising on your path to amazing things. Please find the rest of you images here. Thank you for sharing your ideas.