I Have Bees and I’m All ABuzz About It!

These past two weeks, I have started to grow concerned about my honeybees. The winter lasted a little while longer than it seemed it should have and I was worried they were running low on honey to make it through. Thankfully, we had sunshine and temps in the 40s today.

My girls were out!

Thousands of them were buzzing around enjoying the sun and spring flowers.

They were already busy collecting pollen from the handful of flowers in my front yard.

It is a happy day for sure.

I was so happy to see them again! I never realized how much I could worry about a bunch of bugs, but worry about them, I do.

Frizzles and a Silky

I am now the proud owner of some young frizzles. I happen to think frizzles are adorable. But, I also really like to say “Frizzle”.

A frizzle is a type of chicken with feathers that are inverted, so they curl out instead of lying flat.

When these young frizzle chicks grow up, they will have feathers curling up all over their pretty selves.

Frizzle. Frizzle. Frizzle.

Most importantly, my boys love the frizzles too! They love watching the frizzles scratch around in their brooder.

We also have a silky — another type of chicken — with silk-like feathers.

They look sort of poufy and are quite soft.

The boys have named this one Cotton.

Cotton has won the heart of my oldest boy.

I’m excited to be able to add these little sweet-hearts to my flock once they get a little bigger and the weather finally warms a bit.