Carly and Devin

I usually have a dialogue along with my pictures.

As I sit here bending the words around in my head, I have realized that with Carly and Devin, I really do not need a single word. The pictures show everything.

I’m pretty sure you can tell within about half a second of seeing them together that they are very much in love.

They are gorgeous (like could possibly be models for real).

They are extremely nice.

They are fun together and fun to be around.

They compliment each other.

I feel as though they have a promising future together and a strength that will keep them together through anything life throws at them.

I suggested “Snow angels.” They said, “No problem” and made an amazingly perfect pair of angels.

I had so much fun working with Carly and Devin!

Carly and Devin – Thank you for being so easy-going and great to work with. Please find the rest of your engagement session here.

A Wintery Session

I was contacted recently to photograph a gorgeous young lady for her senior pictures and it was with excitement that I realized I would get to do them in the snow (which is not typical but gives me tons of happiness because I get to do something different)!

So, we started indoors where it was nice and warm.

This young lady is very active in sports, so we worked with some of her sporting equipment.

And then moved on to some portraits.

At the end, we went outside to play in the snow.

It really was a blizzard. I had a difficult time getting all of the snowflakes to not fall between my camera and her! But, it was fun.

And she is definitely a good sport.

Of course, the beautiful young lady has a handsome boyfriend who came along for support. And when he was around, it was not much work to get a smile.

One of the many great things about working with her…. is her mom. I went to high school with her mom. And as I sat behind the camera capturing her movements, I could see her mom very clearly in her. I knew her mom at that very same age. I remember mom from those years ago, strikingly beautiful, and that same beauty radiates from her gorgeous daughter – it’s the kind of beauty that comes from the whole person, inside and out. It is there in both of them and I hope I was able to catch it in these pictures.

Thank you for letting me photograph you. It is an honor because I know how special you are to your mom and it means a lot that I was trusted for your pictures. Please find the rest of your album here.

Dancing the Night Away

Dancers from all around the area came to one stage on a chilly February evening to transform their bodies into works of art as they performed dance to music. I had the honor of providing the photographic coverage of this event.

It all started months and years before with lessons and learning, exercises, and hours upon hours of dedication. This hard work led each of them to one stage on one evening.

The 2013 Plainwell Dance Showcase took place earlier in the month and featured professional dancers in all form. There were break dancers, belly dancers, cheerleaders, tangos, waltzes, and modern styles in ages from the very young into the 90s.

I am in awe of the skill and time needed to perform these demonstrations of physicality at so many levels of expertise.

At the end of this blog post, you will find a link to the Kelly-Hunter Photography online gallery which features the various dancers in their own online mini albums.

Here is a small sample of what was seen…

Congratulations to all of the dancers on an amazing night and some very awesome performances. Please find your online albums here and make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the gallery to find them.

The Colors of Pokemon

My son had a birthday recently.

He turned 8.

He wanted a Pokémon Party.

Pokémon party supplies are hard to find, so I decided to follow the Pokémon color scheme… which is tons of really vivid, fun and super bright colors.

The main activity at this party of little boys was to decorate a Pokémon mask using a wide variety of supplies. In bright colors of course!

We had pipe cleaners and glue…

Puffy things and stickers…

…and tape which his always hard for little fingers…

…and markers in all of the colors.

The boys had fun and their masks were as unique as them and every bit as colorful as their wonderful personalities.

They all relaxed on the reclining couch for about a minute after.

Then, out they went to feed the animals while they waited for their big people to pick them up.

Perfect little gentlemen they were! I am happy to report that my son had a wonderful birthday with his friends that I am sure he will tuck away with his favorite memories of childhood (and I will save the day in my memories as well).