Of All The Places

Of all the places to take pictures, this family had the most beautiful location of all. Home.

The location they chose for their family photos was the place where babies are growing up.

The foundation for all that they are is here.

They chose the place they have spent most of their days together because the beauty is not just found in the trees as it filters amazing sunlight.

The beauty is also found in their laughter that sings within the leaves.

The laughter becomes their memories every bit as much as the photographs we made this day.

Your family and home are amazing! Please find the rest of your online album here.

Stopping Time

What a wonderful, magical thing the camera is that allows us to stop a moment in time.

This moment was captured precisely as a wonderful family was enjoying the last of the summer days together.

We can look at their happy faces.

We see the love there, showing us how to be happy and written upon their smiles.

For years upcoming, this one moment will be shared with children, grandchildren and friends as a snapshot of life the way it was this warm, sunny day.

Thank you for allowing me to preserve your family during this day. You are so kind and wonderful. Please find the rest of your album here.

Details for Love

This lovely summer day found love. Or maybe love found the day.

It was clear in the details.

The colors, the words, the music, and the scenery, that however the love and the day connected, it would be something special.

The bride surrounded herself with her special ladies to get ready.

Soon, the guests were gathered and the vows exchanged.

The ceremony was held at the fabulous Something Blue Berry Farm – the perfect location with a wonderful setting for the wedding day.

Linda and John were surrounded by love from friends and family and for their love of each other.

The details in all of the planning made the day perfect for Linda and John.

The night was just as lovely as the day. As darkness settled in, the night was filled with dancing and laughter.

Congratulations, Linda and John. Please find the rest of your online album here. Your day was so special.

Beautiful Day in Every Way

The recent wedding day of Mary and Coley was simply perfect.

It started at home and ended in the same perfect place – home – with a lovely bride

and groom.

They decided they wanted a private moment to see each other before the day unfolded.

We soon headed off to a secluded area with the closest of friends and family.

It was such a wonderful sun-filled, mid-summer day.

There were so many memorable moments throughout the entire day.

Laughter and happiness was everywhere.

Also there were many moments that were meaningful beyond words.

Congratulations, Mary and Coley. Your wedding day was filled with laughter and memories and very special in every way. Please find the rest of your online album here.