Lindsey and Mike

I am so excited about the 2013 wedding of Lindsey and Mike!

From the sounds of it, this will be my biggest wedding/reception yet–and after spending some time with the two of them and one of the happy moms, I can see they will be a very fun-loving group to work with.

They contacted me on the brink of photographic stress and trusted me to restore their belief in professional photographers. I am happy to do whatever I can to help capture their smiles and emotions.

Lindsey and Mike had me laughing and smiling along with them.

They are a very sweet couple!

Congratulations to you both on your engagement and thank you so very much for inviting me in to participate in your special day!

I can hardly wait to see all of the fun things you have planned.

Please find the rest of your engagement session here, Lindsey and Mike!

Becky and Rob, Engaged!

If you run and if you are in the Kalamazoo area, chances are a little more than good that you will know at least one of the two who make up the newly engaged couple, Becky and Rob.

They run. They organize. They motivate. And they smile — a lot.

Happy is a word I would feel appropriately fits them. They are happy and giving people. And that happiness and giving-ness has found them together, in love.

Since they are happy and in love and avid athletes (specifically runners), I thought it would be best that we incorporate the following into their engagement session:

1. Happiness = smiles and laughing.

2. Love = kissing and holding hands (and anything involving the two of them in the same random area).

3. Athleticism = shoes!

I love these two very much and cannot wait to be with them, running around, on their wedding day.

Congratulations to Becky and Rob. You two fit each other better than the best pair of running shoes have ever fit an Olympian’s foot! Please find the rest on your engagement session here.

A “Horse” of a Different Color

The paths I take often lead me to the doors of some amazing people who are so passionate about life. A path I have been wandering along recently has led me to one young lady who is passionate for sure. Lucky, I am, to have gotten to know a little about her wonderful world and to have been invited to photograph one of her many passions…

Her world is filled with stripes. Black and white ones.

On this day, I was along to photograph Sierra… but the lady I speak of is beautiful and I could not separate the two to make the session about one over the other. Their beauty co-existed and my camera lens was happy!

Both Sierra and her keeper, the amazing Timianne, are strong in spirit and body. Exceptionally strong!

We had big plans for a lake, but Sierra was determined to stay close to home. So, we went for a walk in the wet grass and the bright sun.

That ended up working out for the best since we were lucky to be part of the amazing fall colors (thanks Sierra for changing everything. You made a great choice!).

We wandered around and took in all of the surroundings.

Sierra did stop to strike a pose and smile for the camera a few times…

She likes oats and sniffing her favorite kitty. She likes to play and run in the sun.

Timianne likes her.

Sierra is still young and has some growing to do.

But Sierra has some older and wiser friends to learn from…

Along with the helpful guidance of her person, Timianne. (p.s., this is my favorite picture of the two of them. It really defines their relationship–and I love Sierra’s chin whiskers).

Please find the rest of your online album here. Thanks for letting me into your world.

Kara and Jack

I get so lucky in this profession to be able to work with the nicest and most amazing people. Kara and Jack very much fit as one of the sweetest couples I have worked with.

The day started out at St. Phillips Catholic Church. All of the details were there. Kara had her beautiful gown.

Her ladies helped with her something blue by signing their names in blue on Kara’s shoes.

She had a picture-perfect princess flower girl.

And an amazing smile full of happiness for the day.

The handsome Jack was ready.

His groomsmen on-hand to keep the mood light when needed.

The ceremony was held on the brightly sunlit day.

Out the door into the sun we headed–to Yarrow

…by trolley.

We gathered some pictures before heading inside. The wedding party was first.

Followed by some intimate moments with just Kara and Jack in the lovely landscaping.

The reception was wonderful. Kara and Jack were super nice and let me sneak them outside after the party got started for “just a few more” pictures in the fading sunlight.

Thank you for being so awesome! I had a great time working you both and also with your families and friends. You were fun and light-hearted. Please find the rest of your online album here.