When Everything Is…

…perfect, amazing, special, and so breathtakingly beautiful, there are two people involved.

Laura and Josh are two people who have found the type of love that can be seen in everything they do.

They will be celebrating their wedding soon and I know even before a single wedding day photo is taken, that I will be so excited to share their images.

Congratulations on your engagement! Please find the rest of your pictures here. Thank you for the opportunity to capture your moments. I can’t wait for the wedding!

A Special Place Tucked Away in the Wide Open

When Nicky and Ben asked if I was up for a lakeshore photo shoot, I eagerly agreed because there is a special spot on Earth tucked away that holds magic for them.

It was a lengthy hike and a steep uphill climb over sandy terrain and the resulting view was breathtaking and the way they settled into it was like they were home. It is a perfectly amazing place for two people who appreciate wide open spaces with under big sky. There is a chair formed for two out of a fallen tree that’s growing smooth from the wind and the rain.

It was a gorgeous day for a beautiful couple who will soon be married and I am so honored to have been invited along for this morning and for the wedding to come.

Nicky and Ben, please find the rest of your engagement album here. I cannot wait for your special day!

Looking Forward – Engagement

Maddie and Michael are planning and preparing for what will certainly be a beautiful late-summer, 2018, wedding. I’m also looking forward to it!

These two are so fun and wonderful.

Here are some images from their recent engagement session.

I cannot wait to see the two of you again soon. Please find the rest of your engagement session here.


Engaged, Ready for the Day

I have had the pleasure of photographing the recently engaged Bill and Renee on a gorgeous spring day filled with sunlight.

Here are some of the moments from that morning.

You are both super adventurous and kind.

I am so excited for the opportunity to capture your beautiful details, plans coming to be, and more of your love for each other. I can hardly wait for your wedding day to arrive.

Please find the rest of your engagement session here.

Quiet in the Country

My wedding this past Saturday consisted of these two wonderful people.  But before I get to their wedding pictures, I should probably post a look at their recent engagement session.

I truly adore them and their families.  Lindsey and Troy are true from the heart country cowgirl and cowboy (as in – he’s got “rodeo riding” in his resume). They are talented with animals and enjoy nature, so this location fits perfectly, like a good pair of boots.

This place they chose to be married in is special – in oh so many ways.  Special in the romantic, meaning-filled way.  And “special” in the manner that it’s extremely unique.  A hidden world deep in the woods.

Soon, there will be another post with the most beautiful wedding held here.  I am so very thrilled to have been a part of it all.  Thank you Lindsey and Troy.

Find the rest of your online album here.

Fresh Air on a Beautiful Spring Day

There’s something so perfect about an engagement session surrounded by miles and miles of open spaces and fresh, country air.

Fresh air, loads of space, and simplicity are the elements Alexa and Trevor had chosen to be their backdrop on a brisk and beautiful spring evening.

They go on walks together in these very places often,

making them the perfect setting to announce their upcoming wedding.

Thank you so much, Alexa and Trevor, for inviting me along on your walk. Please find the rest of your engagement photos here. I’m so excited for your wedding!

Brilliance – A day filled with sunlight and color

Bre and Kevin picked the most amazing location for their engagement photos.

It was tucked away and unassuming.

But so very colorful and perfect – an announcement of an upcoming celebration marked with brilliant color.

They also picked the perfect day.

Sunlight was fluent and streaming through every space in the sky.

They have crossed bridges together and traveled far.

But the farther they go, the closer they get.

Congratulations on your engagement Bre and Kevin! I am so happy to be a part of this journey with you. Please find the rest of your online album here.

Engagement Photos – Celebrating Love

I have so much fun getting to know the couples I will be working with in the near future and this engagement session was no exception!

I recently met with Nichole and Lewis in Allegan on a calm, end-of-summer evening.

They are soon to be married and excited to get the word out to family and friends.

They are wonderful, fun and loving people and I am so happy to have gotten to know them a bit better. I cannot wait for the big day!

Thank you so much for inviting me in for a glimpse of your family, Nichole and Lewis. Please find the rest of your engagement session here.

Fall – in love

I love taking pictures of people in love and I especially love taking them in the fall. Add adorable dogs and a wonderful, happy couple and there is perfection in my eyes.

I had all of this in one afternoon.

Thank you so much for the great afternoon out in the beautiful autumn day. It has been such a pleasure watching the two of you in your journey as a new family. Please find your online album here.

Carly and Devin

Carly and Devin are very in love – of that there is no doubt.

I had a recent opportunity to photograph them on a warm end-of-summer day.

As I look through these pictures, I don’t think I need any words at all. The deepness of their love shows clearly. So, the pictures:

Carly and Devin, I had a wonderful time working with you and looking through your pictures. Please find the rest of your online album here. I am so thankful to call you both friends!