This Time of Year

candy cane
The wedding season has come to a slow point. I’m done with the holiday photos. Seniors photos for the class of 2010 are wrapped up. So, one would think I’ve got tons of free time right now. Of course, I am still setting up wedding consultations and booking for the 2010 season, but that doesn’t take up an enormous amount of time.

I have been taking advantage of the “slower” days to focus on my information and incorporate some changes to my brochures, displays, portfolio and so on. I have been working on the finishing touches to my new website. I’ve re-written some of the information online. I’ve been working on a new display for upcoming wedding expos. I’ve designed a new proof book. I’ve been archiving and filing and planning.

For me, this is the more difficult side of things. My favorite aspect of photography is, well, taking the pictures and hanging out with the people. But, this is all a necessary part of the whole. The absoulute most difficult part is going through the tens of thousands of pictures of so many beautiful and handsome people and trying to pick a few to represent everything I offer in a single brochure or banner. I stuck mostly with the more recent photos since I thought they reflected my most current experience.

I’ll try to post some pictures of my materials and progress soon. Oh, and have a happy New Year.
new year