Wedding Day!

We began our day in the home of her parents with a gorgeous gown like none other I have seen before – only a few exist.

Daughter and father practiced removing the veil and soon we were ready to go and off to the church.

She was hidden away from the arriving guests but could not help peeking to see who was there.

He watched her approach with love in his eyes.

The ceremony was wrapped in tradition and perfectly wonderful.

There would be some time carefully planned between ceremony and reception for the couple to enjoy some moments together.

There were some stops around the beautiful city of St. Joseph, including the lakeshore.

A private toast to the happy couple.

What bridal party doesn’t need some food with such a long day? We met up with friends for a quick snack at Culvers with a Superbook (coupon book).

The reception completed the perfect day with friends and family from near and very far who joined Rachel and Zach at the Berrien Hills Golf Club.

Thank you to Rachel and Zach and family for welcoming me in to your special day. It was as amazing as you are! Please find the rest of your online album here.

A Perfect Beginning

On a recent Saturday, I joined a beautiful bride-to-be at her childhood home where she was preparing each detail of her wedding day.

She had her gorgeous flowers in shades of pink

shoes that would carry her down an aisle

the rings to soon encircle fingers and adorn the hands of two throughout their years

and a completely amazing gown.

A very special companion was there to see his person and share some special moments of calm in an otherwise busy day.

At the end of the morning, she would soon be ready to face the day – and what a perfect day it was!

More will come soon – once the pictures are finished in their virtual travel through space (uploading currently).

Casey and Andrew

Casey and Andrew were married on a beach with the sun for decoration and just enough wind to gently push the water so that waves played a soft music during their intimate ceremony.

It was simply beautiful. No more words – here are the images:

Congratulations Casey and Andrew! I was so happy to be part of your amazing day. Please find the rest of your online album here.

A Morning at the Market

A recent cool and rainy Saturday began in the early morning hours with two happy people and a lot of flowers at the local market.

Their day was to be quaint, simple, elegant, and surrounded by what matters most – each other, fresh air, beauty that is found in the simple things, and a few of the many people they love. It was at the market, they hoped to find the local flowers that were blooming to perfection on that special day.

They shared laughs, held hands and gathered their colors in perfect bunches along the way.

After a quiet morning of reflection, they went their separate ways to prepare as the sun rose somewhere over a big lake while the clouds above us finished their raining. The dress and flowers hinted at the beauty that would soon wrap around Casey that day.

As she finished the last of the details

Andrew was not far away looking forward to day ahead.

With a final toast from the gentlemen, they soon set off to a special place.

The events of the day will be breathtaking, I promise.
(coming soon – honestly, it will happen)