Laura and Michael

The wedding of Laura and Michael took place on a warm and sunny day at the beautiful Silo.

The day began with an end – an end to all of the planning and perfect preparations – a segue to the beginning of the beautiful ceremony.

Both Laura and Michael were surrounded by many friends and by family members who were each so very happy to be a part of the day.

Amongst those people who are special to both Laura and Michael are a couple of beautiful young ladies.

One of these ladies really enjoyed having her picture taken (and I really enjoyed taking her picture).

The ceremony was beautiful with the sunlight pouring in as the perfect backdrop.

Laura and Michael.

The day quickly turned to night and the celebration was soon underway.

Laura and Michael, your day was perfect. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it. Please find the rest of your online album here.

The Morning of a Sunny Day

It was the morning of a very bright, sunny day that would ultimately conclude with a wedding, followed by a celebration. But first…

I found myself in a quiet and tucked away dressing room with a bride and a handful of close friends and family.

Our bride, Laura, was preparing for the special day.

She had a gorgeous gown.

Shoes in blue.

Rings to circle fingers.

Flowers to hold in her hands.

And there was this beauty!

She even had game pieces for guests to write on.

Laura and Michael opted for an intimate moment together before the day unfolded. So, until the rest of the photos are complete, I leave you with a “first look” – a glance, really.