Love is Everything

I was recently called upon to photograph a very intimate wedding in a private residence at the end of our winter season. I quickly learned that the event may have been small in size, but the amount of love shared within the walls of that home on that day was tremendous.

Before we get to the wedding and because the beautiful people are waiting to see their images, I will share here a look at some of the details of the day.

As I arrived, I was greeted with nothing but generosity and pure joy. The most beautiful lace covered gown was waiting patiently for its bride.

There were vibrant flowers waiting to fill her hands with the softness of petals and the boldness of color.

Vows were written to be shared soon. They were special words of commitment and understanding. The words were on paper waiting to float through the air on the voices of two special people.

And most importantly, a beautiful young lady charged with the task of safely delivering the rings to the officiant during the upcoming ceremony.

The home was already filling with beloved guests, including these two special ladies who have been best friends for all of the days they remember. They were very proud of their role in bringing all of the wonderful people together for this day.

The details for the day were simply elegant and made the home into the perfect place for the celebration of their love.

Lyal and Erin were surrounded by love which is indeed everything needed. I cannot wait to share the rest of their special day soon.