The New Girls on the Block

A couple of lovely ladies have moved in.

They have big ears

and nobby knees

and soft gentle noses.

I can honestly say I never ever wanted one… until I met them.

It’s hard not to like them.

They’re loving and gentle with kids and a little bit shy.

They LOVE to be scratched.

And they are a little bit curious.

So far, they seem to like it here behind their farm fence and big red barn.

The other residents here are taking their time getting used to them.

But I think they are a perfect fit for the family.

Because Two People…

Because these two people fell in love…

There are these:

And there is this:

This family is spread out now. They live in different parts of the area, growing and experiencing their days from afar.

But once a year, they all get together in a central location for a big week of pure family fun.

They ended up in my area of the world and I was lucky enough to be able to capture an hour of their time together to help them preserve the way they were this year in this month at this particular minute.

Thanks for sharing your precious time with me. Please find the rest of your proofs here. You were wonderful to work with and I hope you enjoyed your time together.

Heather and Kevin

On a recent Friday, I headed off to St. Mary’s where there was a beautiful gown in white waiting to wrap around it’s bride.

Everything was ready and perfect.

Even the fragrance “Love Spell” matched the day.

Heather is beautiful to the core.

Kevin is as generous and kind as he is tall and handsome.

The ladies were ready.

As were the gentlemen.

The ceremony was held.

Rings and vows were exchanged.

There were a few stolen quiet moments before the reception.

We headed off to Kindleberger Park for some pictures.

Heather and Kevin danced the night away at their beautiful reception at The Fountains.

It has been a pleasure working with you both (and your wonderful families). Please find the rest of your online album here. Congratulations and best wishes!

Bees, Bees and More Bees!

Earlier this week, I peered into the observation window of my top bar hive and noticed the bees appeared to have filled up their space. There were bees everywhere. So, it was clear I needed to check the hives and add some space. So, off I went. Starting with the traditional Langstroth hive, I popped the cover off from the third super I had added only 20 days earlier. There were bees at the top. A good sign.

I pulled out a frame and right away saw the queen. The frame had new wax and eggs. All was well. In that super, there were plenty of unfilled frames and one full of honey. So, I didn’t see a need to be more intrusive to them.

I pulled that super off the top and decided to take a quick look at the second super. There were eggs and capped brood and pollen and honey and all of the good things that indicate happy bees.

I closed it all up and moved onto the overcrowded top bar hive.

I pulled the roof off and started on the brood side.

The honeycomb was huge! It filled the entire space it was allowed. It was full of larvae and capped brood. I did not notice eggs there, but there were plenty of bees and my daylight was waning so it was possible I couldn’t see the tiny eggs very well.

The bees had attached their comb to the inside walls of the hive. So, I had to carefully use a knife to cut the comb away from the interior walls before lifting the bars. This upset the bees who filled the air with an angry hum.

As soon as I set the honey-covered knife down, bees landed on it and began sucking up their precious honey.

A chain of bees holding on to one another just begged to be touched…

That hive was bustling with activity. There were bees everywhere!

I tucked them all in for the night after adding five more empty bars for them to fill before winter sets in.