I haven’t added anything new on here in a while. I’ve sort of been carrying that around in the back of my mind with a tiny bit of guilt. It’s not that I’ve been doing nothing. I actually have been shooting almost every weekend and weekdays have been busy with processing and family time. I am actually on my way out the door soon to do a shoot. But, since my last post had pictures filled with snow and I’m all about moving forward into spring now after having enjoyed a very wintery winter, I thought I would at the very least add a picture of something more relevant. Like Spring. Since this weekend is the official start of sprint, it was a must. Not that it feels very much like spring outside. As I am typing, it is snowing. But, I did find some pink buds popping out last weekend after a bit of rain. They reminded me that nature is ready to move forward into warmer weather as well.

So, happy first weekend of spring everyone! I’ll try to post more often…

spring buds