An Herb Garden in the Summer

At the bridal show in Battle Creek, I kept hearing about a venue known as Southern Exposure. I was intrigued by the fact that it was an herb garden with outbuildings and some history as being a working farm some years back. I love to photograph people in many diverse settings. But, I had not yet been given the opportunity to shoot a wedding there.

Then I met the mother of one of these very nice people:

Ulrika & Jeff 0831 edited

Finally, I had the chance to work there. What a beautiful day it was with rolling clouds–some white and fluffy and some a bit on the dark, rainy side of the spectrum. I was excited to say the least. The event coordinators there, Mi Suk, Curtis, and Scott were so very friendly.

The ceremony was held in a little area that reminded me of a secret garden I’d read about as a little girl. Flowers were blooming everywhere. Petals were in the fountains and underfoot. It was enchanting.

Ulrika & Jeff 0394 edited

The bride and groom–Ulrika and Jeff–had traveled across the ocean for this beautiful day and I was very happy to capture it for them.

Ulrika & Jeff 0750 edited

And they are so in love.

Ulrika & Jeff 0835 edited

They ended the evening with a sunset ride… On Jeff’s motorcycle!

Ulrika & Jeff 0698 edited 2

I have about 50 or so favorite places to photograph and this ranks in the top for certain. Every time I photograph a wedding, I feel fortunate to have shared something so important to so many people and I always feel like I’ve made many new friends. This was no exception.

Thank you, Alana, for inviting me in. I hope you’re enjoying your oil painting.

Ulrika & Jeff 0828 edited

Sometimes the Rain…

Sometimes the rain is a very good thing–even on wedding day. It is supposed to be good luck. It rained on my wedding day. Only for a little while. Whenever this happens, the colors pop and the clouds create a natural diffuser. So, as long as my equipment doesn’t get wet and the ladies are able to keep dry we look for some creative ways to capture the day.

At the recent wedding of Kyra and Brian at the beautiful and fun Friendship Farm in Schoolcraft, it did rain. It rained at the exact time we were heading out to photograph the bride and her bridesmaids. Luckily, the farm has plenty of outbuildings.

Kyrene and Brian 0380

It also has a gazebo which is where Kyra and Brian were married.

Kyrene and Brian 0358

And Kyra looks stunning with the light coming in through a barn window.

Kyrene and Brian 0403

Kyrene and Brian 0386

I was very thankful there were plenty of umbrellas available for our use.

Kyrene and Brian 0407

I love the way the green Kyra chose looked against the red of the barnwood.

Kyrene and Brian 0159

I was a bit concerned when I saw these shoes (remember, it was raining and this was an outside wedding). But, I soon learned that Kyra was a pro at wearing heals.

Kyrene and Brian 0153

The best part was that it cleared up and turned out to be a wonderful evening–not too hot and not too cold and very very romantic.

Kyrene and Brian 1237