Beauty in a Forgotten Place

I had heard she was artistic and interested in photography. She had very solid ideas of what she wanted and I merely captured them for her. I think her ideas are amazing and her vision will take her far one day.

I knew her when she was the little girl of my very good friend. It seems she’s grown up a bit and I’m finding myself wondering how time went so fast.

A beauty then, she is breathtaking now.

She did not want the beautiful fall trees or fields or flowers in her pictures. She wanted someplace lost.

It was a very cold place really. But oh so perfect. (and I did sneak in just a few trees).

She’s not only artistic – she’s also an athlete.

Soccer is her sport of choice.

Please find the rest of your online gallery here. Oh – and good luck picking one for the yearbook!

Family Fall Fun

I have been very lucky this fall to spend time with so many wonderful families I am getting to know through our community and also very lucky with the presence of loads of sunlight at just the right times. This particular morning was no exception – there was sunlight galore as well as bright yellow fall leaves everywhere, making everything golden for this fun family I’m so happy to be getting closer to.

Here’s a look at our morning:

This family has three amazing little people who are just the right amount of polite mixed with adventure.

I met these two wonderful people eventually though my kids via their kids and am so happy to now know them. It turns out my children can pick out some really good friends that come with fabulous parents!

Thank you for the fun morning with the whole family. Please find the rest of your online gallery here. Your proof book is in production and will be on the way soon.

A Whole-Face Smile

This little man is adorable.

I will admit, he made me work for his smiles, but when he did smile, his happiness literally used up his entire face. The trick for his smiles – put his mom and/or dad in his line of site.

He sees mom – instant smile.

He sees dad – smile!

The reverse also happens. When mom or dad see him, they too smile big.

So, it is evident this is a family of love and happiness together.

Thank you for sharing your little man with me. You know I’ve been waiting to meet him since the days your vows were exchanged. Over these seasons, our paths have crossed and I am so very happy for you both that this time, the path led me to your family of 3.

Please find the rest of your online album here.

Fall – in love

I love taking pictures of people in love and I especially love taking them in the fall. Add adorable dogs and a wonderful, happy couple and there is perfection in my eyes.

I had all of this in one afternoon.

Thank you so much for the great afternoon out in the beautiful autumn day. It has been such a pleasure watching the two of you in your journey as a new family. Please find your online album here.

Fall Colors and a Sweet Young Man

This family has a center. He is four and surrounded by love, strong hands and happy smiles.

On this particular, beautiful fall day, the center of this family decided he wanted pictures on his own terms. I have a bit of experience with that and carried on, following his lead and capturing him the way he was at that particular moment…

…with his mom and dad surrounding him with love and guidance as we went along our picture path.

It was a beautiful morning and a perfect photo session

and the day was perfectly centered.

Thank you to the wonderful family for inviting me along on this walk. Please find the rest of your online album here.