What Was I Thinking?

My little boy turned 7 last week. 7 is such a big number. He’s growing up. Fast!

I wanted to make it special. So, I told him we could invite a few friends… 7 to be exact. We decided on a winter theme and called it a “Snowflake Party”.

Invitations were created and distributed.

To keep 7 boys entertained for two hours, I believed we needed to keep them focused on games. So, a list of wintery, snow-flakey games were thought up (with help from the internet).

My first clue that I was crazy should have been my list of supplies needed for said games. The supplies included these:

But, I sometimes live in a fairy-tale world where 7 boys in one closed up house in mid-winter without the supervision of their own parents will be easy and perhaps even fun.

So, I decorated. Blue, silver and white balloons were placed around.

The whole family pitched in and made snowflakes to hang.

The table was set.

Boys began arriving.

Games started. “Ice Fishing” went off without problems.

The boys caught “fish” and the occasional boot.

It was during the Snowman game when things started things to go awry. The idea was to wrap up a teammate in toilet paper so they would look like snowmen…

Before long, this was happening…

So, in an effort to regain control, I moved the boys toward the crafting game. In my fairy-tale world, they would sit quietly and construct igloos…. out of sugar cubes and frosting. Which they did.

It was when the igloos started getting eaten that things got a little crazy.

After two hours, they left and an eerie quiet (and several thousand squares of 2-ply toilet paper) settled in our home.

A Cold and Blustery Day

We finally got snow after a December with very few flakes.

I love taking pictures in the snow. The white makes a perfect backdrop.

The snow brought excitement and play followed by a lot of lounging in the afternoon.

The barn kitty had never seen snow before. He was very apprehensive and only strayed out for some food then went back to bed.

The dogs played for a little while…

…then spent the rest of the day snoozing

and sleeping

and lounging.

One out of two kids played in it (the other one said his hands were too cold).