Laughter in Motion

When you aren’t quite yet 2, it is very un-fun to stop moving and spinning and looking and running.

When you aren’t quite yet 2, everything is so big and colorful and new that you have to keep moving to see it all.

When you aren’t quite yet 2, it’s fun to keep the big people you love so very much moving too – that way the never get bored.

This super adorable little lady who just happens to be not quite yet 2 came for some pictures recently and had her two favorite big people running all over the place for that perfect smile.

It was fun, though I think we were all far more tired than she ended up being.

Her joy in moving is contagious and it was great to watch her move through the time as she explored her new surroundings and showed everyone what chickens sound like.

Thank you for bringing your beautiful free spirit to me. It was a pleasure to work with your family and your sweet girl who is not quite yet 2.

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Congratulations Graduates!

Graduation day is here! It’s that time when the babies of yesterday walk toward their future grasping tightly onto a scroll of paper that they have spent days upon days earning to move themselves forward toward paths not yet seen.

This beautiful young woman paid me a visit shortly before her big day became a reality and as we walked about, Chelsea, her mother and I, it was hard to miss the tone of excitement for the unknown and the pride in the many accomplishments achieved.

She is in that moment where the world is big and filled with opportunity.

As I looked at her through my lens, I saw reflected back at me through her smile a reminder to never forget it. Don’t forget the world is actually huge and very much full of possibility.

And, Chelsea, I have a feeling your future is going to be spectacular, like you are.

Congratulations to you!

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