End of a Chapter, Beginning of a Story

Graduating from college means you have made the long, sometimes strenuous, climb from the very bottom of a mountain of knowledge and experience to the peak with a horizon of possibilities stretching out before you.

There were probably some falling boulders along the way. Some rough patches that seemed almost impassable.

There might have been days or even weeks during the climb through the education path that seemed impossible and caused you to search for another way up.

Maybe some days you felt like you were climbing sideways or even headed back down the mountain, rather than up.

Some days the sun didn’t shine as much, but so many other days your sky was illuminated with golden rays of hope.

The journey to the top of the educational mountain was sometimes fierce and often steep. However, the gains you earned along the way are tremendous.

You have skills.

You have knowledge.

You have a team of newfound friends who will grow with you throughout your professional life – wherever it takes you.

Now that you are at the top of that mountain of knowledge-seeking, what do you see?

I hope you see possibility.

I hope you see a dream coming true.

I am sure you see a world in front of you and many paths to follow.

Congratulations to you, Hayley, on your graduation from Western Michigan University!

May you find a path now that is smooth and filled with everything you have worked so hard for. Now that you have finished this chapter, I hope your career story starts with every promise you have strived for.

Please find the rest of your photos here and congratulations to you! The world will be in much better hands with your knowledge and experience in the medical field.

Dancing the Night Away

Dancers from all around the area came to one stage on a chilly February evening to transform their bodies into works of art as they performed dance to music. I had the honor of providing the photographic coverage of this event.

It all started months and years before with lessons and learning, exercises, and hours upon hours of dedication. This hard work led each of them to one stage on one evening.

The 2013 Plainwell Dance Showcase took place earlier in the month and featured professional dancers in all form. There were break dancers, belly dancers, cheerleaders, tangos, waltzes, and modern styles in ages from the very young into the 90s.

I am in awe of the skill and time needed to perform these demonstrations of physicality at so many levels of expertise.

At the end of this blog post, you will find a link to the Kelly-Hunter Photography online gallery which features the various dancers in their own online mini albums.

Here is a small sample of what was seen…

Congratulations to all of the dancers on an amazing night and some very awesome performances. Please find your online albums here and make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the gallery to find them.