A Very Bright and Sunny Day

It was a very bright, exceptionally sunny day for the wedding of Megan and Bryan. Not a rain drop in sight. Not a one. But, it had rained a few days before, so nature’s greenery was bright, fresh and beautiful.

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Before we ventured outside, I had a few moments to spend noticing all of the details. Like the dress and shoes waiting for their bride.

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And the floral arrangements and monogrammed programs.

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Another benefit of bright sunlight is that it really makes the stained glass windows in churches pop.

Megan and Bryan 0818

I was very fortunate Megan and Bryan had given me plenty of time between the ceremony and the reception so that I could play in the sun. They were very accommodating. I just love it when the sunlight backlights a bride and her veil seems to glow around her.

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I love the way the sunlight poured out over the water and moved gently between them as they kissed.

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I think I may have burned my retinas taking this picture. I couldn’t see anything but white spots for a few minutes after taking this one. Maybe I should start wearing sunglasses.

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Megan’s flowers were beautiful wines and oranges. They were beautiful near the river at Nikos Landing.

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Of course, I did take a few hundred or so other pictures that weren’t in the sunlight–some were actually in the church, some in the limo, some in the shade.

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There were a few cozy spots along the way as well.

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Congratulations Megan and Bryan. You had a beautiful start to your married life and I’m wishing you another 70+ beautiful years together!

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Conflict at the Pool

It was a hot summer day. Tempers were flaring. You could almost slice the tension with a knife…

The fellow on the left said, “you got a problem wit’ me? Huh? Do ya?” (Really, he did. I heard him.)

August 2009  0199_edited-1

Guy on the right, “I’ll show you problem!”

August 2009  0200_edited-1

“Take that. And this!”

August 2009  0201_edited-1

(Guy on the left) “Is that all you got?”

August 2009  0205_edited-1

Right after that, the two climbed out of the water and curled up together on the ground like nothing had even happened. I’m sure they’re the best of friends. (Disclaimer: No animals were hurt in the making of this blog posting).

Flock of Seagulls

While in the salon the morning of Karen’s wedding, she and I had a brief conversation about the band circa early ’80s called “Flock of Seagulls”. It had something to do with hair. Anyway, at the reception, we found this:

Karen and Ed 0607 edited

Coincidence? Probably. But, I couldn’t help snapping a photo of Karen and Ed running through them.

Sometime between the conversation about seagulls (or, rather the band) and seeing the actual seagulls, a beautiful wedding took place. The day started out rainy and, luckily, caused some very dramatic clouds overhead, but the drops came early and gave us plenty of opportunity to get some outside shots.

The dress was waiting for Karen at the church.
Karen and Ed 0092 edited

And there was plenty of light following the ceremony to illuminate the beautiful glass wall of the church.
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The wind was blowing the flags marking the shore of the Gull Lake Country Club. Because of the coolness in the air, there were no boaters, no skiers, no swimmers. It felt almost as though Karen and Ed were the only two people existing at that moment.

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Between the wedding and the reception, they had a few very quick moments to reflect on the day. Before the rush of friends and family arrived to offer their love and best wishes for a life of happiness. Before the DJ got the party going and the amazing food was served–there were moments like these…
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