New Website Coming Soon

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am in the process of developing a new website for 2009. I think the old site is a bit “dated” and in need of some cosmetic as well as functional enhancements.

The streaming video on my homepage is problematic and does not seem to be functioning at this time. I appologize for this and invite people to visit the “View/Order” section of the site to see some of my work. I think I am taking the video completely out of the new site and opting for more of a photo album approach.

This will be my first major overhaul on the site. I’m being very cautious about launching it–hoping there are no glitches. I expect it to be complete and online by the end of February, but I am optimistic it can be sooner since this is my down time.

I am also hoping to keep the pages organized somewhat similar to the way they are now for those of you who are familiar with my site.

I hope everyone is enjoying the winter months as much as I am! Even though I’m a big fan of the changing seasons, I will admit I am starting to look forward to the smell of spring air and warmer days ahead. I am hoping to purchase a new macro lens as a toy so I can get more up close and personal with some spring bugs and plants.

Visit Me at the Bridal Show

I will have a booth at the Wiser Productions 2009 Bridal Show at Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek on Sunday, January 4. If you are looking for a photographer and plan to attend the show, make sure you visit my booth. I would love to meet with you face-to-face and answer any questions you may have. I will also be prepared to schedule consultation appointments for the near future during the show.

I have participated in this show for several years and I can say that it is a very big show. Some of the other shows in the area only allow a few vendors from each profession (for example, perhaps they only allow three photographers in their show). This show has no limit to the number of vendors per profession. This is a benefit to you because you’ll have a wide variety of professionals to choose from all under one roof. It’s also great because it keeps us on our toes trying to create incentives to attract you…

I am lucky I have a reason to go because it’s great being around so many people who are so much in love and have true excitement about the future! I am also looking forward to seeing the other exhibitors I’ve gotten to know through this profession.

Information is available at the Wiser Productions website

I hope to see you there!