Crawdaddy Mommy

The things we “find” around here are interesting, to say the least.

Finding a crayfish around here is interesting enough, but…

…this crawdaddy was actually a mommy. Or, at least a mom-to-be. She had lots of eggs she was carrying around.

She was released and no crayfish was harmed.

Then, my boys began jumping back and forth over the creek. They like the mud as much as the crayfish do.


I recently had the pleasure of meeting a very sweet little lady named Elaina.

I couldn’t wait to meet her.

Her mommy (Stephanie) and Daddy (Dennis) were two people I had the pleasure of spending an evening with while photographing their wedding. I love it when past brides and grooms revisit me with their little ones.

In a small way, I get to see them grow together as a family.

I get to see how they evolve through this life from time-to-time.

Elaina has a very handsome big brother to watch over her.

Julius is very much the protector of his little sister.

She’s not quite three months old yet, but her days are already surrounded by love.

Her face lights up when she sees her family.

Welcome to the world, sweet Elaina! Congratulations Dennis, Stephanie and Julius on the newest addition to your family.

View the rest of Elaina’s online album here.

An Evening of Gold

We had unseasonably high temperatures on Saturday. The day was filled with sunlight and warmth. This was all the more impressionable on me since we had just finished off a chilly, cloudy week closely following behind a winter filled with snow.

As I came up the basement stairs, this is what I saw:

Golden light was everywhere and my boy and his beloved dog were bathing in the glorious early evening glow. Just another casual moment to remind me that spring is here and the warmth of summer is quickly approaching and moments like these are everywhere, but pass by so very fast.

It was a gift wrapped in gold.

We Moved the Backyard Toad

My family is in the process of moving. We’ve lived in the same place for approximately one decade. I moved in the day after my wedding. My boys moved in about two days after they were born. The dogs have lived there almost their entire lives.

We have accumulated so many things over the years. Some of the things we will be selling. Some are to be donated. Many are to be kept.

As we were sorting, packing and hauling this past weekend, we came across something we’ve had in our lives off and on for most of those years in the house.

He’s been our backyard toad as long as we can remember. He always sits right by the light near the back steps waiting for low-flying bugs. By the looks of him, he’s been a very good hunter. We haven’t seen him since last fall.

As we were packing up the last of our boxes, one of my boys saw him there by the steps.

So, we had to decide: Move the toad or let him be?

He was gently scooped up with a great deal of care and taken to the backyard steps of our new house. If he chooses to stay, he will be near another light and lots of new bugs. Hopefully he will be as happy in his new home as I think we will be.

Welcome home, Backyard Toad!