Because Two People

Because these two people found each other and fell in love…

They have these wonderful little beings to enrich their lives.

I had the pleasure recently of capturing their smiles on this day in time.

Our photo session was a great deal of fun!

We had a sunny day at the park and, though attempts were made, kids did end up pretty wet in the process.

Thank you for spending an evening with me – I had so much fun getting to know your family. Please find the rest of your online album here. Your proof book is on the way.

A Night to Remember

I recently travelled to The Inn at St. John’s to capture the spectacular wedding of Carey and Todd.

The dress was waiting as Carey prepared herself for the day.

Flowers and shoes in orange to accent the pink she had chosen.

A handsome groom was waiting nearby with his friends to help the day be special.

It wasn’t long before she transformed herself into the bride she had long ago dreamed of becoming.

The ladies dressed in pink were ready for the ceremony…

…which was soon underway.

Vows were exchanged and the entire wedding party was there to bring the couple in to their many guests awaiting.

Carey and Todd couldn’t have looked happier than they were on that day they had spent so much time moving toward.

Congratulations Carey and Todd. I am glad to have been a part of your special day and look forward to seeing you enjoy your future together. Please find the rest of your online album here.