These Boys

There are these four boys. They are brothers. I have known each of them since they were born (I’m their older cousin). What I know about them most of all, collectively, is that when they are together, the world fills with laughter.

Mom and dad – the source of their ability to laugh (and to dance).

Where once there were only these boys, now there are also these gorgeous ladies and beautiful little ones.

The ladies – each of them brings a level of amazing to the family.

Grandparents with their grandbabies…

…and one more they will be meeting soon.

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Twins and Their Support Team

I recently photographed these itty bitty newborn twins – only a few days old.

They may be little, but they have big personalities already.

And they do look quite different from one another (and the different colored shirts were also a bit helpful).

One thing I noticed about these little ladies is that it takes a strong team to care for them.

Luckily for them, their parents make an amazing team! They help each other and laugh together.

And even though they brought plenty of supplies to care for these little babies, the strong bond they have, along with the laughter, is probably the most important thing they can offer these sweet little ones.

Congratulations on these beautiful little people and your family of four. I am so very proud you thought to contact me to photograph your babies. Please find the rest of your online album here.


This little guy has so many expressions – each of them completely, adorably cute.

His parents are filled with enthusiasm and giving and love for this new little person.

He is so sweet and pure and beautiful and though he holds onto their fingers, I think they may be the ones wrapped around his.

I had planned to create these pictures in black and white but could not bring myself to hide those beautiful blue eyes.

He is super cute and I’m so happy to know him already. I’m also very glad to know I’ll be able to follow his life through the years.

Thank you for bringing your little man to spend an evening with me. Please find the rest of your online album here.

Big Happiness in a Little Body

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful little person who smiles from the top of her head all they way down to her perfect little toes.

I spent a good deal of time with her and she smiled almost continuously the entire time I was there just like this:

Her face lit up any time her mommy or daddy were nearby. She is filled with joy inside and out without thought and it radiates through her little self.

As I watched her and as I look through her photos, I find myself smiling too. She’s contagious I think – as pure happiness should be.

I think she caught the happy bug from her parents. They too seem to light up in smiles when she’s in the room.

I will admit I did linger a while in their home. It is a hard place to leave with so much love inside. I stayed long enough for the smiling to wear her out for a minute.

I am so very honored you chose me to photograph your beautiful daughter. Please find the rest of your online album here.