A Beautiful Wedding on The Farm

The wedding of Ashley and Guy started out with so many beautiful details.

The dress.

The rings.

Something blue and perfect for the day.

Every detail was arranged to perfection for what would be a beautiful day filled with love.

The ladies got ready inside the home at the Something Blue Berry Farm in the comfort that comes with close family and friends.

The gentlemen were nearby but tucked out of sight.

There were plenty of special moments and thoughtful touches throughout the day.

Ashley was absolutely stunning.

And so were her gorgeous bridesmaids.

Guy and his crew were handsome and keeping cool.

They had surrounded themselves with blues and yellows in their flowers and in the sunny sky overhead.

It seemed only a short while after the day started, they were heading down the walkway to their forever.

The vows and rings were exchanged and we had some glorious sunlight to enjoy.

Also, there were chickens.

And a horse or two.

But most importantly, family.

and friends.

And so much love, everywhere.

The sunlight!

Also a small horse that liked to visit the guests made a happy appearance.

He was also a canvas, sort of.

The reception was full of dancing and amazing food, long into the darkness of the night.

Please find the rest of your online album here. Congratulations to you both, Ashley and Guy! Your happiness and love shows so vividly in all of the pictures.




What Happens When…

What happens when you combine an artist and a musician, 2 religions, a blues band, a DJ and turntable, an unlimited supply of love, vivid colors, great food, amazing family & friends, the Kentucky Derby, and lots of style?

One of the most incredible wedding days ever.

The day started out as wedding days often do. There was a beautiful gown in a picture-perfect church.

Ellen chose vibrant colors for her palette.

A stunning beauty, she is for sure.

Handsome and happy for the day.

Lenny first looked at his bride-to-be in a quiet, tucked away space.

They had been told their first look at each other would be a solitary moment. It was. Sort of.

The wonderful friends and family were not far away and so excited to celebrate the love shared by Ellen and Lenny.

What a gorgeous day for two wonderful people.

Soon the ceremony was underway. Two religions merged and made one celebration of love that will long be remembered.

Ellen and Lenny enjoyed a sun-filled walk to their reception.

They arrived in time for the Kentucky Derby excitement.

Did I mention the band? It was divine.

And the turn table fabulous DJ.

And really good singing – like there may have been a professional performer or two present.

It was a night filled with laughter and love.

Thank you Ellen and Leonard. Please find the rest of your online album here.

A Special Place Tucked Away in the Wide Open

When Nicky and Ben asked if I was up for a lakeshore photo shoot, I eagerly agreed because there is a special spot on Earth tucked away that holds magic for them.

It was a lengthy hike and a steep uphill climb over sandy terrain and the resulting view was breathtaking and the way they settled into it was like they were home. It is a perfectly amazing place for two people who appreciate wide open spaces with under big sky. There is a chair formed for two out of a fallen tree that’s growing smooth from the wind and the rain.

It was a gorgeous day for a beautiful couple who will soon be married and I am so honored to have been invited along for this morning and for the wedding to come.

Nicky and Ben, please find the rest of your engagement album here. I cannot wait for your special day!

Reflections of a Toddler

Whenever I photograph a toddler, I know there will be some running around and also some sitting on the ground and flying through the air; lots of emotions (happy, sad, laughing, crying) – and all of these things will probably happen in a ten-minute window.

This little man filled our time together with all of the wonders and explorations of a toddler. He gave me so many expressions and so much joy.

Here are some of the photos of this completely sweet, wonderful family.

Thank you so much for letting me capture your beautiful family from the very beginning. It is my pleasure to watch it grow. Please find the rest of your session here.

Going Places

Zach is going places.

He’s going to the sky. In the pilot’s seat.

He’s going to a university to study.

He’s going far for sure.

Thank you Zachary for spending such a picture-perfect day with me and best of luck in your explorations and learning throughout your promising future. Please find the rest of your online album here.

Looking Ahead

I had the pleasure of recently photographing this handsome young man.

His school years are on the count-down side of nearing an end and of course, his thoughts are on the future.

He’s going places, I have no doubt at all.

I’m so very glad to have had the opportunity to get to know you, Sam. Please find the rest of your photos here.


A Girl and Her Horse

There’s something special between a girl and her horse. It is a bond that withstands time and proves to be a connection stronger than steel.

Watching this beautiful young lady and beloved horse, I could tell that connection exists for certain.

Happy senior year, Alena! Thank you for picking me to preserve your memories. Please find the rest of your images here.