Zoo Aminals with Character

I felt like deviating from the norm and posting a few pictures of some real characters I saw this past weekend at the Toledo Zoo. I went with my family and had a great time. Animals are so –well — animated and these faces just seemed to have so much to say…

Take this guy for example. I wonder what he’s thinking. Probably wondering when his next meal is coming and busy spending his time watching all of our funny faces looking in at him.

June 2010 0218_edited-1

This lady was fabulous. I know exactly what she was thinking. You see, she is a new mom and she was very busy watching her little one play like a crazy guy in the water. She was pacing and watching carefully and with a great deal of mom-pride.

June 2010 0091_edited-1

A foot and a hand only centimeters apart. Seperated by glass. The gorillas were gathered by the window. The humans were gathered by the window. We were watching them with a great deal of curiousity and they were watching us with much interest.

June 2010 0238_edited-1

June 2010 0232_edited-1

Meerkats. Who doesn’t love them?

June 2010 0165_edited-1

So, the secret is out. I love zoos. Thanks for tolerating my deviation from the wedding posts.

Weddings and Motorcycles

Stephanie and Dennis were married in Allegan on one of the hottest spring days so far this year.

Stephanie and Dennis 0385_edited-2

Oh, and due to a scheduling mishap, there was a biker rally going on at their wedding site–at the exact same time they were scheduled to share their nuptuals.

Well, let me tell you, Stephanie and Dennis just went with the flow and had fun no matter what happened during the day. The bikers were very accommodating and because of them, we had some great props for pictures.

Stephanie and Dennis 0341_edited-2

The extremely hot and bright overhead sun was a bit much for me, but they never complained–not once. They even suggested walking from one end of town to the other in the heat. They were great fun to work with and their day was perfectly wonderful.

Stephanie and Dennis 0249_edited-2

Oh, and they brought these two wonderful, beautiful, sweet little people with them to participate in their special day.

Stephanie and Dennis 0096_edited-2

The wedding party was fabulous–a great group of people, for sure!

Stephanie and Dennis 0394_edited-2

The reception was held at the Eesley Place in Plainwell. What a great location. It is very easy to photograph. Of course it helps when you are taking pictures of such a great couple who are radiating happiness.

Stephanie and Dennis 1169_edited-2

Congratulations Stephanie and Dennis. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and for being so very easy to work with.

Stephanie and Dennis 0232_edited-2

A Lovely Church Wedding on a Beautiful Spring Day

I recently had the privilege of photographing the wedding of Erica and Dan. They got married at the Greenwood Reformed Church in Kalamazoo. I really loved their use of color. They combined blues with citrus colors, sea shells, and pinks. It seemed slightly tropical and very elegant.

Erica and Dan are a very sweet couple and happiness radiated from them.
Erica and Dan 0858_edited-2

Here’s a look at the gerbera daisies she had in her bouquet. They added a splash of color.
Erica and Dan 0271_edited-2

My husband had told me about this shot he had seen. I thought it was a great idea and was happy to try to incorporate it into their wedding album using both of their rigs and the reading they chose for their ceremony. I don’t mind using the ideas of others–I’m actually very open to suggestions.
Erica and Dan 0283_edited-2

The reception was held at the Sherman Lake YMCA. I had not been there before, but the place was amazing. It has a very natural appeal to it. The hall is enourmouse with high-reaching vaulted ceilings.

There is also an area requiring a quick golf cart ride to access. It overlooks a lake and has a terraced stone landing. Very lovely. I took advantage of it for some of the group photos.
Erica and Dan 0574_edited-2

Erica and Dan 0581_edited-2

Erica and Dan did a lot of smooching. Here is their first ever kiss as husband and wife. This is always such a glorious moment.
Erica and Dan 0480_edited-2

Here’s another picture of the beautiful bouquet and the woodland atmosphere of the reception site–sort of a rustic elegance.

Erica and Dan 0676 color pop_edited-1

Congratulations Dan and Erica. Thank you for letting me participate in your beautiful day.