Maple Sugar Time

Spring is literally only days away and the world is thawing out after a very snow-filled winter. For this area, the robins arriving, tulips pushing through the earth, buds on trees, and the opening of the Root Beer Stand usually remind me that warmer days are straight ahead.

One of the big early-spring celebrations takes place around the tapping of the maple trees for their sap to be made in to maple sugar.

The Kalamazoo Nature Center ritually celebrates the flowing of sweet sap with the annual Maple Sugar Festival.

I was lucky enough to carve some time out of my weekend to join in the festivities and learn a little more than I knew about springtime.

Like the fact that witch hazel is a tree and sports some very early fragrant blooms which from a distance looked to me like dead foliage.

We did spend a little time warming up indoors since it was very windy and chilly outside. It was nice and tropical inside.

The rain there is made out of glass.

There are plenty of educational experiences for kids to explore.

I was glad I was able to carve a little time out of my morning to celebrate the golden brown glory that maple trees add to pancakes everywhere.