A Day of Thankful Giving

I found myself without a traditional Thanksgiving dinner today. When I learned it would just be myself and my boys on Thanksgiving, I spent some time thinking of a way I could make the day meaningful for my kids.

What I came up with was a day of thankful giving. We talked about what we were thankful for and then thought of something we could do to give back those things to other people. We got supplies and made a list. The boys ran out of energy, so our list was cut a little short, but it was a very rewarding and special Thanksgiving.

Our first stop was the animal shelter.

We knew they would be closed, so we left the dogs and cats a little something outside.

Next stop was the senior citizen complex where we dropped of some steamy trashy romance novels…. I figured it would spice things up a little. We also took some lotto tickets to hand out to nice people. An elderly lady held my little boys hands and then asked him to pull her in her wheelchair down the hall. I think he would have if he was bigger. So, we got a nurse to help her out.

Then, we headed off to the hospital. It was cold outside as you can tell by their faces…

We left coloring books and crayons and stickers in the waiting rooms. I thought it would help parents and kids alike to have something to do. On our way out, an intoxicated man collapsed in the doorway and blocked our exit. Another nurse was called.

Next, we headed off to the homeless shelter. We had some stuffed animals for children there. We went inside and couldn’t find anyone. My kids have no fear whatsoever and just walked in and followed the sound of voices down a winding path of hallways.

There, we found a family with two small children. My boys gave them each a teddy bear. As we said “Have a happy Thanksgiving” to them, I turned back and saw the little boy about the same age as my little boy hugging his new bear so tightly. His eyes were closed and his face partially burried in it’s fur. Sweet beautiful little soul. I hope his Thanksgiving was as happy as mine was.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day filled with love. I know I am especially thankful. My list of things I am thankful for is as long as there are seconds in a day.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


A quick moment. A few words. A sentimental thought or two…

None of these things seem significant enough to repay the people of this country who left their warm homes and everything they knew behind to protect us. None of it seems to demonstrate the amount of gratitude I feel toward the Veterans who served to protect this place where I live and it’s not enough to show my appreciation toward the husbands, wives, children, parents, siblings, and friends who lived parts of thier lives without these extra-ordinary people near.

I cannot begin to understand the depth of the sacrifices these Veterans have made. Because of them, I live a sheltered life in a country based on freedom with all of the comforts I could ever want for.

To celebrate Veteran’s Day this year, I will be taking some time to tell my children about these heros. I will tell them about their grandfathers and their great-grandfathers, and the many people who came before them to help protect us so that we can believe and be and have and live the way we do.

So, to all of the Veterans who may read these words and to the people who love them (myself included), I utter the words “thank you” and feel somewhat insignificant in the face of what you have done.

Happy Veteran’s Day.


One of the many reasons I love fall in Michigan is the breath-taking color show.

Reds, oranges, yellows, and browns fill area landscapes in their bright brilliance.

In the colors, the trees breathe their last breath of the year in a spectacular farewell as they tuck in for their dormancy during the winter months.

The year has come full-circle and the trees have completed what they set out to do in the springtime.

The colors of the fall are a celebration of the trees before they sleep.

They are a bouquet of color being offered to the sun for her days of cheerful shining…

…an “I love you” from the earth to the sky.

People love to photograph them and be photographed amongst them — the leaves and the colors of the fall trees.

Children like to run through them and jump in them.

I like to watch them float back and forth gently rocking to the ground as they spring off their trees like gentle parachutes. On the ground, the leaves will break down and turn into nutrients to feed the new growth of spring.

Happy fall, beautiful leaves.


I am excited to post that the little fuzzy chicks we purchased in May are all grown up. They follow us around where we go and they cluck and sing their chicken songs, filling our days with a now-familiar sound.

They are now creating eggs of their own.

The boys eagerly head out to open the nest box each day and collect the eggs. Sometimes they don’t all make it into the refrigerator, but it’s ok. Chickens are turnning out to be a wonderful family project.

Morning Frost

When we headed out on Sunday morning to start our day, the ground was lightly covered in small white ice crystals — a beautiful frosty morning.

The colors of the day were muted by the shroud of dew frozen where it formed.

Leaves once soft and blowing were temporarily preserved by their cold morning clothing.

Soon it melted away leaving the chill behind to reveal a sunny fall day.

Happy Halloween

The night is quickly coming to an end.

I had planned to send out wishes for a not-so-scary fun Halloween earlier, but got wrapped up in so many fall activities that I’m only now finding myself with a minute to say it.

My eventing was spent much like my past few weeks — enjoying the fall season and the thrill of trick-or-treating through the eyes of my children.

It was a spectacular evening following a perfect weekend. My boys woke up so excited that the big day was finally here after days and days of counting down mixed with so much anticipation. At the end of the day, my oldest child asked me as he drifted off to sleep when we could have Halloween again.

I love this day. So, with much heart-felt enthusiasm, a happy Halloween to you!