Jennifer and Steven

Sometimes love is black and white.

That was the case at the wedding of Jennifer and Steven where black and white were mixed throughout an elegant evening filled with fun and love.

She had a dress of lace in white.

And her bouquet was not flowers at all but a bejeweled gathering of items once belonging to a grandmother. It captured the sunlight throughout the day and sent it scattering in little rays of light in all directions.

Shoes and rings sparkled too.

Jennifer’s friends were all gathered together to help her get ready for the ceremony.

She sparkled as much as her bouquet in her gown. Jennifer was simply stunning.

Steven was ready and waiting to see Jennifer on top of the world at the Sky Deck.

They looked fabulous together.

Jennifer and Steven were surrounded by family and friends.

The ceremony was perfect on top of the city in the sun.

Their vows were exchanged and they were alone for a few moments before the celebration at the reception began.

Congratulations Jennifer and Steven! I am happy to have been part of your special day and can’t wait to give you the rest of your wedding photos. (They are on their way this week!) Visit the online album here – but many more are on their way soon.