Celebrating 60 Years

Bob and Kay have been married 60 years!

Surrounded by their children, their grandchildren, and their great-grandchildren, they said to me, “We did all of this.”

Here is what they did:

I personally thank them for the gifts they have given us. These gifts from Bob and Kay have protected our country, our communities and have contributed greatly in so many ways to our world. And there are young people who will also likely be a part of something larger than what the couple could probably ever have imagined on that day 60 years ago when they pledged their vows.

I often get to be a part of love when it starts at the many weddings I attend and seldom am part of the love after so many decades of it. This celebration of Bob and Kay is what I imagine I would find if I could fast-forward 60 years from each wedding – A group of wonderful, laughing people.

Love. And a whole lot of “what they did!” The celebration of Bob and Kay’s 60th anniversary was filled to the skies with laughter and joking and love.

Happy anniversary Bob and Kay! Please find the rest of your online album here. Thank you to the entire family for inviting me to help you celebrate this special time. It was a true pleasure.

Jaymie and Billy

Our day began quietly finishing details and preparations, but it wasn’t long before bride, Jaymie, was ready and looking completely stunning.

Jaymie and Billy decided they did want to have the opportunity to see each other quietly before the ceremony began and so we had a “first look” – before the crowds gathered and the celebrating started up. For just a moment or two.

The weather was as beautiful as the wedding with blue skies and bright sun streaming through the trees. Jaymie and Billy had picked the perfect day to share their vows.

The water at the Gull Lake Country Club made the perfect backdrop on a warm and sunny day.

The bride’s attendants were ready to support Jaymie throughout the events of the day.

Many times when I photograph groups of people, I selectively crop or zoom in on certain areas in order to cut out things that are going on in close proximity to the group to get the shot. There is usually always more going on that what you see in the picture…

In this group image of the ladies, just off to the side was an adorable little sweetie who was a perhaps a bit upset that she was not included in the picture.

No worries! Here she is a short while later being happy with the day.

The gentlemen were also ready to start the action.

It was a fun wedding party for sure!

Jaymie and Billy – thank you so much for inviting me in to be a part of your day. You, your families and friends were so generous and wonderfully kind! Please find a sampling of the photographs being printed for you here (Once printed, I’ll get them organized and ready for you).

Details of a Simply Perfect Day

A recent, beautiful wedding night ended as beautiful as the morning had begun. It ended at the Gull Lake Country Club after a lot of dancing.

But before we get into the end of the day, we should start at the beginning. The day started with a beautiful bride getting ready to meet her husband at the end of an aisle made of grass and sand with a backdrop of water.

The details were perfect for the day. Signs of their love were everywhere.

She had shoes that shimmered like the water they stood before.

And a dress that fit her perfectly in both style and shape.

Rings that sparkled in the sunlight.

And a perfect cake (or two).

All of these things were a perfect part of an amazing wedding day. The groom’s first look at the bride was filled with anticipation – and will be ready here soon!